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Why Is The Transportation Industry Cyclical In Nature? (Essay Sample)


Answer the following two questions in one word document, each question needs to be at least 1 page in length and have in-text references within each question. You will have an title page, the questions and then a consolidated reference page.
Question 1. Why is the transportation industry cyclical in nature?
Question 2. In terms of capacity, what steps can transportation companies take to avoid or at least mitigate the negative effects of economic downturns like this most recent one?
All papers should meet the following criteria:

Transportation industry
1. Why is the transportation industry cyclical in nature?
This is because transportation industry is created to build a systematic framework for the community to establish a routine activity that caters the needs of the citizens. The reason behind is that transportation is connected to all industries that keeps the lifestyle and productivity of every community in circulation. Every hour, there are incoming and outgoing products, services, and issues that are always regulated to meet the requirements, needs, and sustainability of the productive society. This is because there are commodities and services that have a limited activity, prompting several organizations and institutions to continue supplying a certain industry, individual, or group to prevent scarcity. In this case, the presence of transportation aims to prevent risk of limiting activities and supplies for each community around our community.
Transportation industry is cyclical in nature because it is influenced by laws and policies in order to continually serve the general public on a daily basis. There is an economic significance of transportation because it supports logistic operations of transportation companies as well as conglomerates to produce their products to their respective target markets. The plight of technological development symbolizes progress by a society who wants to improve progressive thoughts and actions that their community asserts in order to improve the socio-economic systems of their constituents. Transportation represents modernization that is why it seeks to compliment with the advancement of human activities by means of being assiste...
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