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Review The Relationship Between Education and Society (Essay Sample)


This task requires you to think deeply about the concepts that have been covered in the course thus far. The focus of the task is the Sociology of Education Part 1 section of the course, but you may also call on what you have learnt in the Philosophy of Education Part 1 section of the course to help you. The purpose of a literature review is to engage deeply with the texts that you have read and to compare and contrast the ideas that are outlined in these texts. A very important dimension is to understand and articulate these ideas clearly and a good way to help you do this is with a concept map, and this concept map has been built into the requirements of the task. The purpose of this task is to set you up appropriately to write your extended essay and you can view this task as a handy step toward this. In education we call this idea of stepping up toward a more complicated task ‘scaffolding’. It is worth the same amount as your Assignment 3 extended writing piece because the task asks you to distil ideas across readings in a way that is fluent and coherent. In some ways it is just as hard as an essay, so do not be fooled by the shorter length! We need you to be concise, efficient and effective.

Task Instructions:

  1. Choose a total of THREE readings that have been set as required readings in the course. At least TWO of these readings need to come from the set of lectures that fit under the Sociology of Education Part 1 section. You may choose ONE other reading that has been set in the first section of the course as your third reading OR you may look ahead and choose a required reading from a future lecture.
  2. Compare and contrast the ideas each reading illustrates about the sociology of education.
  3. Create a ONE PAGE concept map that illustrates the concepts, their links to each other, their similarities, their differences and what they say about education.
  4. In NO MORE than 1500 words evaluate your three selected readings against, but not limited to, the following criteria:
  • What is being said about the links between society and public education?
  • What is your justification for choosing this combination of readings?
  • What is the ‘big idea’ about education that is being espoused in each reading?
  • Are these ideas in any way related? How are they similar and different from each other?
  • What do you think the authors are trying to say about education? How are they trying to bring about change?
  • What relevance do these ideas have to current ideas about education?
  • Who is the intended audience of each reading?

Sociology of Education
Institutional Affiliation
The Concept Map
The Relationship Between Education and Society
is a
284734110477600Universal Social Justice
which is geared towards
287654914859000Economic Orientation
it exists in
24384001238252000250142875consists ofhasis made up of
1809751263654533900135890StateSocial Capital Cultural Capital Social Class
450532521399540481251568452676525166370governs caused by differences in
Progressive form of Education
43529251244603267075162560gives rise to
42291001644653238500193040Working ClassMiddle Class
41243251473202800350128270results in
Educational FailureEducational Success
Education acts as a key to unlocking opportunities and equality in life. It is meant to be a universal social justice for every person. However, several factors influence the existence, access, and impact of educational systems on relevant tenets. Education exists in a social set up surrounded by economic and political waves. The society plays a great role in the success of education. Therefore, this paper reviews the works of Marx, John Dewey, and Roger Dale to examine the links between the state and education. These readings' topics and underlying themes focus on society and education.
Literature Review
According to Dewey (1915) in his work of ‘The School and Society', education is a social institu

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