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Tornado: cause and effect (Essay Sample)

Using the topics you generated in Lesson1.3, write an essay in which you explain a cause-and –effect relationship. Your can refer to the model essay on page 206 as a guide. Include these elements in your essay: . a thesis statement in which you clearly identify the cause-and-effect relationship you will explore . an effective and logical method of organization . well-chosen, relevant supporting evidence and examples that suit your audience and purpose . transitions that smoothly and clearly connect your ideas . error-free grammar, including correct pronoun-antecedent agreement I AM REFERRING TO THE TEXT BOOK ( Prentice Hall: Literature Grade 10, Part 1, Common Core Edition ) source..

Tornado: cause and effect
Tornado: causes and effects
Disaster is unpredictable as it comes anywhere anytime. Tornado is such kind of disaster. It is one disaster that is feared by everyone because when it comes, it kills everything it comes across. Tornado is a ferociously and brutally rotating air column with both a cumulonimbus cloud and the earth`s surface. A huge thunderstorm mixed with particular conditions of the atmosphere can result in a tornado. Tornado appears in groups; however, even one leaves a destructive effect on everything it passes. This is a cause-effect relationship paper exploring tornado (Allaby, 2010).
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