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Relationship between humans and nature in the american west (Essay Sample)

Should answer all parts of the question and include an introduction (with a thesis) and conclusion. The details will be on attachment source..

Summary on the relationship between humans and nature
As human being continues to invent new things, the demand for land as a place to fulfill their desires continues something that has lead them to have differences between then and nature. This relationship between humans and nature are believed to have multiple forms. In this case, the relationship between the two seems to be a fundamental issue but the problem is that it`s often neglected and this results in poor conservation outcome.
As it`s well known, nature conservation has always fluctuated between preservationist approaches that eliminate humans from nature. For instance, the debate on wilderness has been seen as an effort to reconcile human needs with the protection of biodiversity as well as ecosystems, after a keen viewing of what nature could result into if not taken good care of. Deferent from other parts of the world, people in the western industrialized countries increasingly see themselves as separate from nature. Several reasons could be given as to why western developed countries see themselves separated from the nature is due to the change that has been brought by technology.
The nation developed in an alarming rate and therefore most of the land in the country was used for industrialization purpose. Due to this fact, some of the Americans who had developed a profound passion for nature started an evolution of the conservation movement which they started through private and public organizations. This organization helped in managing the use of land by coming up with policies which that safeguarded the nature. They used artist who on this case passed the message of nature preservation by painting powerful landscapes in the 19th century. Apart from artist contribution towards nature and human relationship, several American writers were also in the forefront to make people understand the vital of the nature and human relationship by focusing on nature as their subject matter where they wrote on the early conservation movement.
How did use of land in the region change over time
Since evolution, man population increased something that demanded for more land to settle, food and therefore more land was used for cultivation to meet the need for food in the country. As a result of over population most likel...
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