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Movie 'Dead man walking' by Tim Robbins (Essay Sample)

We watched a movie named "dead man walking" directed by Tim Robbins. The movie tells story of Sister Helen, who establishes a special relationship with Mathew, a prisoner on death row. I want a paragraph analyses Sister Helen and her relationship with Mathew. And i want analyses paragraph about he deserves the death penalty or not. Also, i want an opinion paragraph about capital punishment...i have to have good introduction and conclusion and no recap of the movie...thanks. source..

Dead Man Walking
Dead man walking is a film directed by Tim Robbins, back in the year 1995. It is adapted from a book authored by Helen Prejean and published in 1994 by Vintage Books. It revolves around the relationship that developed between Helen and an inmate from death row called Matthew Poncelet. Until then Helen received aplea to become an advisor (spiritual) to Matthew, she was a Sister, who mostly dedicated her time to the poor in the society. Matthew was an inmate, who was serving a death penalty, after being charged with the murder of a young couple.
The relationship
The relationship between the two comes of rather interesting. At first, they have some rough patches, as every one of them brings their own ideologies at the table. The first instance of meeting Mathew, at the prison, Helen saw him as an arrogant person, who did not regret his deeds and was not ready to repent. At the beginning, it is rather difficult for Helen to connect with Mathew, since he does not feel ready to acknowledge his evil deeds. To jump-start the relationship with Mathew, Helen takes extra ordinary measures. At some point, she seems to be the only person that cares about him which was true she never gave up on him, even when he seemed stubborn. It is during this time that she gets to meet the mother to Mathew, as well as the victims’ families. It is odd that two people with characters that are worlds apart can connect in at any level. The director though, pulls this off without creating too many emotions in the audience, just enough. The families are not so kind with the Sister, as she seems to be in support of a murderer, instead of advocating his punishment. According to Helen, people deserve better t...
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