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Best friend versus archenemy (Essay Sample)

Compare & Contrast :Best Friend and Archenemy ( please make the topic about this) source..
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Best friend versus archenemy
From the early stages of growing up, one realizes that relationships may result to either friendship or enmity. Both best friends and archenemies have an enormous impact on the life of a person and how one handles them determines their relationship with these people. Most people tend to focus on the relationship with people they love and like, while also having great dislike to archenemies without considering the role of both parties in a relationship. A best friend or archenemy can enrich a relationship, but they have similarities and differences. Interaction with people of divergent personalities inevitably leads to association with either a best friend or archenemy. This is a comparison contrast between a best friend and an archenemy.
My best friend and archenemy may appear very different, but I have relationships with both, and sometimes I do not even realize that I have similar characteristics with my archenemy. A best fiend is typically someone who is trustworthy and can be relied upon at all times. An archenemy is one who one dislikes so much, but who also shares some traits and characteristics, including mutual friends and constant engagement in similar activities. For someone to be a best friend, they must also share similar traits, but with an enemy there is mistrust brought about by competition and envy. The similarities between someone and an archenemy are the most probable reasons as to why there is constant competition as each person tries to outdo the other.
A relationship with an archenemy is a strenuous one that takes one through a journey of numerous negative emotions and can consume a person’s emotions to the extent of thinking about revenge and sabotage. The level hatred with an archenemy is so much that people cannot see eye to eye, but at other times the reasons for this hatred may be unexplainable and may drag on for years from childhood to ...
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