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FCB & NAU Scholarships (Essay Sample)

I will Attach you the instructions and the note that I got from the lecture. Note_about_the_scholarships.docx Pathway_Report_Directions_F2011.doc Note about the scholarships. *Over 1 million annual awards awarded through the NAU scholarship Requirement For NAU scholarship: - official transcript - essay (should spend long time working on it) - latter of recommendation - resume (jobs you got before) - personal statement - criteria Types of financial aids: 1-Grants -Federal: pell, TEACH -state: university grant, FA trust -employment 2- loans -federal direct loans -federal Perkins (limited funding) -private alternative *everyone qualifies for loans depend on what type. Important date/deadline FAFSA------deadline feb 14th NAU scholarship application Available Jan Due March 1st FCB scholarship: We need to take along time and put a lot of effort on this application. *If you didn't get it in the first time, try again *free application sources of this scholarship: Legacy donors -W.A Franke -Alumni, friends, faculty, stuff Academic Area -Accounting, CIS, Eco, Finance, Mgt, marketing Employers -foundation --organization care about students **2011/2012 scholarship FCB -Scholarship recipient: 157 -% award: 86 -award rang 250-10,000 -average award 2,395 total amount awarded 376,094 FCB application located on web Application available Nov, 19,2011 App deadline: Jan,20 Minimum scholarship criteria for FCB - Student in FCB of Business - Business preparation - Professional program status - minimum average grade 2.50 (prefer to be 3.00 and above) FCB scholarship Tips: - apply before the deadline - follow direction - check the spelling and the grammar mistakes and fixed them in the essay before submit it FCB scholarship timeline -Award determined in late feb -Receive thank you latter early april -Scholarship notification occurs in mid-march -Scholarship breakfast april,20, 2011 Scholarship recipient requirement: -Attend scholarship and donors breakfast at 7-9, Friday, April, 2012 In scholarship Breakfast: - Make a good first impression - Introduce yourself - Smile and firm handshake - Pay attention to hygiene - Dress professionally Scholarship Breakfast, Attire-men - suit in navy or black - white, blue dress shirt - no tattoo - no jewelry Scholarship Breakfast, Attire-women - skirted suit or pant suit - natural makeup - wear flat shoes - low necklines - keep accessories simple =================================== MGT 101 Pathway Reports Pathway Events The Career Development Office (CDO) at the Franke College of Business (FCB) organizes Pathway events. The events typically last one hour and are informative sessions for students. The speakers provide a wide variety of information that is useful to students. Some speakers will provide career advice based on what they have experienced. Other speakers will discuss different student organizations on campus and at the FCB to help you find a way to connect with other students. Some events are more social or about providing community service. They are all designed to support you as you start your academic adventure. This assignment requires you to evaluate what you learned at the event. Many times we attend inspirational events and are excited about what we learned. However, that excitement fades over time as we forget about the key messages we came away with. You will write about what you learned from the speaker or event (take aways) and what action you will take now that you have learned something new. By putting your experience into words, you are more likely to remember the impact the speaker or event had on you and incorporate the information in to your future plans and endeavors. I. Assignment Write two (2), one – two page reports based on information learned from attending two Pathway events. Below are due dates for each report. Sunday, October 30, 2011, at 11:59 P.M. on BbLearn Sunday, November 27, 2011, at 11:59 P.M. on BbLearn II. Report Format 1. Length - at least one page and no more than two pages 2. Margins not to exceed 1 inch on all sides 3. Double spaced except header, which is single spaced. 4. Header information upper left corner - Name, class (MGT101), event name, event date and speaker names. This should be single spaced. 5. ALL submissions must be a Microsoft Word document or a PDF. No other file types can be opened. 6. Use Arial font, size 11. 7. Pages must be numbered as shown below: Page X of Y 8. Two sections a. Overview – a summary of the event, presenter name(s), organization sponsoring the event and the purpose of the event. This should be no more than ¼ of a page for a one-page paper and no more than ½ for a two-page paper. b. Take Aways – three (3) things you learned from the event and what action you will or will not take based on this information. You may learn something that will cause you to make a decision. For example, a speaker may talk about courses and activities associated with marketing. After attending the Pathway event, you may realize that you are not interested in pursuing a marketing degree (take away) and will not consider marketing as a career (action). If the Pathway event is a social event, meet three students, mentors or professors and ask them questions that you have about the event or the FCB. For career fairs, visit three company tables and describe the companies visited and what you learned about the companies or organizations. See me prior to the due date if you are having trouble with this section. III. Tips - Most Pathway events are held in Gardner Auditorium. Be sure to check the website for times and places or changes. Pathway Events Calendar - Staff will lock the doors a few minutes after the event begins. Be early! - All FCB students must attend six (6) Pathway Events to be accepted into the Professional Program or business major programs. Take your NAU ID and have it swiped to ensure you get credit for attending the event. IV. Pathways Report Revision Checklist  Format according to directions on assignment.  Ensure each learning point/take-away clearly and succinctly explains what you learned and how you will apply that learning in your academic and/or professional career.  Ensure the tone is professional.  Ask a friend to read for meaning and clarity; revise if appropriate.  Once you have completed your revision, read it silently to ensure your meaning is clear.  Set it aside overnight. The next day, do the following:  READ YOUR PAPER ALOUD. If you have trouble following a sentence, rewrite it.  Proofread using the ladder approach: read the last sentence from the first word to the period and each preceding sentence to the top of the paper.  Check for sentence structure: Most should be simple sentences. Break longer sentences into two.  Delete slang terms and clichés.  Delete redundant words and phrases.  Omit words that do not advance your message, such as “I think,” “there are,” “maybe,” “very,” “definitely,” “extremely,” “great,” “huge.”  Ensure that subjects and verbs agree in number: One of the mentors is an economics major. Several who are attending are freshmen.  Check punctuation: correct run-on sentences, sentence fragments, comma splices.  Ensure your use of person is consistent: Use first person (I, we) in your report. Do not use second person (you).  Minimize the use of passive voice.  Run spell check.  Check for properly spelled words that do not convey your meaning:  their/there/they're  affect, effect  your/you're  defiantly, definitely  advise, advice  freshman, freshmen source..
MGT 101 – Section 3
FCB & NAU Scholarships
November 23, 2010
Section I – Overview
Bradi Rhodes, an FCB Development Coordinator and Becky Hyde, a Senior Scholarship Coordinator from the Office of Student Financial Aid presented to the students on the scholarship opportunities available for students and how students can acquire them. The purpose of the event was to enlighten the students on the NAU scholarships and tips on how to apply for them.
Section II – What I Learned
The speaker informed the students that over one million scholarships are awards annually through NAU scholarships. The requirements for the NAU scholarship include an official transcript; well written essay; a letter of recommendation; a resume; and a personal statement. One should also study the criteria well before applying.
I also learnt that there are two types of financial aids i.e. the grants and loans. In fact everyone qualifies for a loan but it depends on what type for instance a federal d...
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