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Module 3 - Case (Essay Sample)

Your assignment is to write a 2-3 page essay addressing communicable diseases in the following case scenario: Suppose that your brother-in-law argues that not enough attention is paid in our society to preventing the spread of communicable diseases, such as influenza. He claims that other diseases, such as turberculosis and small pox are underestimated as a threat to the health of our society. 1) Do you think that we, as a society, prioritize the control of certain communicable diseases over others? 2) How do we determine which diseases receive highest priority? source..
Despite the change in disease patterns, communicable diseases have continued to be a major cause of mortality and morbidity in both developed and third world countries. There are arguments and beliefs that some communicable diseases have been given much attention at the expense of others that bedevil the society. However, this may not be the case. For instance, most countries make approximations of various diseases and their effects which in turn help to determine counter steps and priorities. It is from these researches that governments and other health organizations derive guidelines to decide their reaction toward allocating resources to fight the challenge (World Health Organization, 2009).
I believe it is lack of reliable information by researchers on tuberculosis that could be affecting resource allocation against the scourge. While on the other hand, influenza could be getting more funding and attention based on provided reliable data. Another hindering factor is the lack of aggregate comparison of allocations for these communicable diseases through the national health accounting which leads to imbalances noted. At the same time these bodies have failed to provide tangible reports on their internal mode of resource allocations. This lack of honest researched data has led to un-prioritized estimations against these diseases in most countries. It is believed that information provided by national accounts systems in many regimes do not avail comprehensive information to cater for resource allocations for communicable diseases. For instance, efficient share is assumed to be an indicator of prioritization. This indicator when applied regionally will lead to give different weights to communicable diseases. This is evident for India and Sri Lanka where overall health expenditure on the prevention and control of communicable diseases (1.4%) against half the amount respectively.
Authorities or agencies should allocate resources for diseases based on both ...
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