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Personal View of Morality (Essay Sample)

Personal View of Morality Identify your personal view of morality and its application to a contemporary issue based on one or more of the philosophers presented in the course. Which of the following is your personal basis for morality? Divine Command: That is, a Divine Being sets the ethical standard. Virtue Development: That is, development of character through personal examination. Deontological: That is, one should act on one's duty and not the consequences. Consequential: That is, one should act based on the outcome one's actions. Relativism: That is, there are no universal ethical standards. In addition, give a critical assessment of ethical relativism. You may wish to refer back to Herodotus and the comment that "custom is king." Do you agree or disagree with this statement. If so, why? If not, which theory do you feel is your personal and moral foundation? source..
Introduction Moral actions are those activities and behaviors that are universally accepted to be good for a harmonious living in a society. Good and evil are distinct and one can differentiate them through evaluation of human actions and behaviors. Discussion With regard to these, I have encountered several people with diverse characters and often they tend to proceed with their actions depending on the previous act that they may have committed. These were always in favor for them to achieve a certain profit or end. Human beings have different desires and inclinations that sometimes contradict with morality. Nelson had an obligation of leading a better life after his education. He cam...
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