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CHS200 Module3 Threaded Discussion Question (Essay Sample)

Mathematics of Language Have you ever noticed the patterns between language use, logic, and mathematics? The alphabet and numbers are sets of abstract symbols that we can talk about, and write. For example, we can write in a narrative statement the terms: 'equal', 'equivalent', 'less than'. And, we can use the equal sign in a mathematical statement, '='. In trying to train young students on the usefulness of math, and to make connections across a kindergarten through 12th grade curriculum, some educators promote the connections between natural language and mathematics to teach deeper understanding between language and numbers. Here is a great site that discusses this: Here you can see the rational justifying this approach is very similar to the justification for teaching critical thinking: http://mathforum(dot)org/~sarah/Discussion.Sessions/Cocking.html (1) they explain their work more carefully and exactly; (2) they become better at telling whether or not an informal argument is valid; and (3) they can make more precise mathematical models to use in problem solving. Or, a dated but relevant note on Language and Learning Math: http://www(dot)mathematicallycorrect(dot)com/allen4.htm What do you think about this connection between math and language? Do you think that students might like math more if it were related to language use more? Is mathematics inductive or deductive? What type of argument best describes math vs language? Why do you think so? source..

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(13, November, 2010)

CHS200 Module3 Threaded Discussion Question.
Mathematics and languages are related due positive correlations that exist between math and verbal abilities. Both disciplines involve intellectual abilities hence it is not certain that the there is any form of dependence of mathematics on the languages. Mathematical learning requires intensive understanding of expositions that are carefully worded and careful drawing of distinctions.
Students might like math more if it were more related to language use because there always exists a critical period in the learning of mathematics. During this period, mathematical instructions and learning are emphasized and can only be successful if the person had mastered the language of instruction. Therefore, for the students to relate math concepts to language it be emphasized in the earliest ages of a child’s development a...
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