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Rome western Civilization Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Complete a five-paragraph essay: introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion responding to one of the questions below. Make sure you consult the rubric, proofread your essay, and even go over it with a tutor or the writing center. Unreadable essays will not be accepted for credit. The key to doing well on this essay is to refer to dates and to the primary sources we have read frequently, in order to support and anchor your arguments.
1. What are the successes of Rome from its founding until the end of the Punic Wars? Why is Rome so successful?
2. What are the social and political factors that lead to the fall of the Roman Republic?
3. Why does Christianity spread successfully? What makes it unique among the religions in the region?
4. What was the third-century crisis? How does it weaken the Roman Empire? How does the Roman Empire survive?


Rome Western Civilization
Name Course Instructor Date
4. What was the third-century crisis? How does it weaken the Roman Empire? How does the Roman Empire survive?
After the murder of Severus Alexander in 235 BCE, theRoman Empire plunged into a deep crisis, or the third-century crisis (235 - 284) which lasted 50 years as the empire nearly collapsed. During the period, the Emperor had lost power in favor of the Army whose generals were fighting to become emperors, and this set a stage for military anarchy. There were 26 emperors during this period and only one of them died a natural death. There was military anarchy in the period 238-268 and then the emergence of Illyrian emperors in 268-284. Restoring order, reuniting the empire, and reforms, economic reforms, and sharing power helped the Empire to survive.

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