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The Gospel of Peter (Religion & Theology) (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Hi! this is not a paper. I would like you to write first half of the writing after reading the file, and answer the question.
Did anything about McKnight's argument surprise you? What is it and why?
And I would like you to write the second part of the writing on giving a thoughtful and substantive response to my classmate's post. Here is the post I chose.
I appreciated McKnight's breakdown of the "two elephants" that must be addressed in regards to the gospel at the risk of 1) failing to see what the gospel was and 2) how the apostles gospeled. It was incredibly interesting to read about how, though the apostles are the original and robust evangelicals, they are not the only ones that are imperative in framing the gospel. In fact, there is a great emphasis on Israel's story and how this will lead to the story of Jesus. I appreciated how McKnight calls us to remember the heart of the apostolic gospel tradition in order to get the gospel right. So, what does this look like exactly? McKnight draws upon the example of Peter's first gospel sermon and how he "journeys backward into the depths of Israel's Story so he can show that the whole story points forward to Jesus Christ and Pentecost" (117). I think so often, we forget the importance of the context of Israel's story of grace and need for a savior which then brings the New Testament full circle. I was grateful for the reminder to view the Bible in a more holistic sense when it comes to the gospel in order to truly "get it right."


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The Gospel of Peter
Did anything about McKnight’s argument surprise you? What is it and why?
McKnight’s argument is one that makes one question their reading of the Bible. One thing that surprised me was his assertion of how modern soterians empty the gospel of its Story and reduce it to “the Plan of Salvation” (117). Today, millions if not billions resonate with this kind of evangelism, where the gospel is emptied of its Story. Again, millions if not billions have received Christ in their lives on the backdrop of this approach to evangelism. However, McKnight makes it clear that apostles like Peter saw the essence of using the gospel’s story in their evangelism. McKnight also mentions the idea of reading

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