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Op-ed topic Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


open-ed topic
The topic should be about the struggles that international students have.
The topic should focus on one certain aspect and should be narrow and specific
It doesn't have to be related to American dream.


Writing Project #2 – Writing an Op-Ed


Your next writing project is to write an Op-Ed in response to any of the articles we have read so far in this course or to a current event topic that may relate to our topic of obtaining the American Dream. “Op-Ed” is short for “opposite the editorial page” and was written as a response to the editorial in a newspaper. However, the term is used more widely now to refer to a column in a newspaper or magazine that shows the writer’s strong, informed, and focused opinion on a particular, strongly debated topic. It has a clearly stated purpose that leads the reader to their main point written very specifically from the writer’s point of view, but that also shows the writer’s ability to support their opinion with strong research.



750 to 800 words



Your audience depends on your topic, but you will avoid writing to a “general audience.” For instance, if you are writing about allowing transgender students to use the restroom of the gender they identify with, you would need to choose whether you are addressing fellow students, parents, or the school administration. You would write differently depending on who you were writing to. Consider carefully of what you want to convince them and how you would best be able to do that? What would be convincing to this particular audience?



While Op-Eds are focused on your own personal opinion, and you are allowed to use the 1st person pronoun, I, but you must base your opinion on fact that is well researched in order to be convincing. There are two types of research:


  • Primary research: interviews, observations, surveys (basically, information that you, yourself, gather)


  • Secondary research: scholarly articles, newspaper or magazine articles, graphs, charts, etc. (basically, research that someone else has gathered)


In an Op-Ed, you will not use formal MLA citations, but you must give attribution to your sources within the column. (i.e. Journalist Ann Marie Lipinski of the Washington post states that, . . . )


Voice and Style

The Op-Ed can be written in quite a few styles, but is usually conversational rather than formal, though being sophisticated in your writing is also acceptable. You want to appeal to your audience in a manner that fits with the topic you will be addressing, but you have the option of being humorous, contemplative, experienced, sophisticated, etc. Remember to ask yourself what will be most appealing to this audience? Ethos, pathos, logos?




International Student Slump in U.S.
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
International Student Slump in U.S.
The United States has been a hub of higher education for a long time. Students around the world sought to pursue education in the country as it has some of the best universities. In the past years, the department of immigration was always busy sorting out applications from students around the world. Unfortunately, things have continued to change in recent times. The number of applicants wishing to join American universities has continued to reduce significantly. The reduction in numbers is because of an interplay of various factors and not solely because of Trump and his administration as some scholars have argued.
Some scholars have blamed Trump and his immigration policies for the slump in international learners. For example, According to a survey by the Institute of International Education, the number of new international students reporting to the U.S for higher education fell in the 2016/2017, as well as in the 2017/2018 academic years. The Pennsylvania College Bucknell University hosted a dinner meeting that included heads of several schools to deliberate on the matter. In the meeting, Brian Rosenberg, the president of Macalester College asserted that, “I think that both [the Trump administration’s] immigration policy and the messaging of the day are literally turning [international] students away … and making them less inclined to want to study in the United States” (Wong, 2019).

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