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How The Families Of Wingfield And Weston Deal With Their Problems (Essay Sample)


Please, follow the instruction, we choose No.1 prompts. The writer needs to know The Glass Menagerie and watch August Osage County. The Glass Menagerie is a book like a play. August Osage County is a movie. And a Thesis statement is most important in First paragraph.


Compare and contrast how the Wingfield family and the Weston family deal with their problems




In The Glass Menagerie Tom Winfield had frosty relations with his smother Amanda, but was closer to his sister Laura Wingfield, yet longed to get away from them, and leave the warehouse job and enjoy more freedom from his inquisitive mother. In the drama and comedy film August Osage County, Beverly Weston an alcoholic old man who hired a caregiver for his wife Violet, who then sought support from her sister Mattie and husband Charles Aiken, their oldest daughter Barbara and husband Bill, Ivy the single daughter living nearby and Barbara’s and Bill’s teenage daughter Jean. Beverly dies in a boating accident, and the whole family sat down and it is then that there is a family feud especially between Barbara and her mother the family matriarch who is addicted to narcotics. The confusing bonds and lack of support in both Wingfield family and Weston family meant that the family members blamed others for the family problems, but the Weston family was more confrontational and Wingfield family used avoidance strategies.

There are confusing bonds in the families, which affected the way they with family problems and instead of coming into a common resolution, tensions flare up because of their differences and people blamed others. In the Wingfield family, Tom was expected to bring in more money into the family as his father had abandoned the family. Amanda Wingfield chastised her son for not improving his family’s economic wellbeing, but he was uncomfortable being the one bringing money, that he at times took time in theaters away from his mother. In the Weston family Barbara the Weston’s oldest daughter was in conflict with her mother and believed that she had to be more responsible, but the two were at loggerheads as each wanted to influence how

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