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Mini-Mock Paper Two: A Doll's House (Essay Sample)


Using the book "A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen, answer the following question:
'What do women and men really want?' Discuss the dramatic techniques through which similar or different desires of the genders have been expressed in the play you have studied, saying how the presentation of them creates an effect on the audience.
Remember that the Paper Two Exam is a traditional thematic essay in which you must answer the question you choose. In answering that question, you must create an assertion which serves as your comprehensive thesis and which addresses the following:
(1) the author's intentions with regard to that question;
(2) the literary features he uses and how he uses them with regard to that question;
(3) the overall impact on the reader.
Please provide an introduction in which you hook your reader and state your assertion (comprehensive thesis) that answers the question. In multiple paragraphs, give a body that fully addresses all of the aspects of your answer to the question with cited textual support from the play. End with a conclusion that recapitulates your thesis and leaves your reader with a larger take-away from the experience of the play.
Remember to proofread before submission, please, and check for errors in grammar and punctuation. Write with intelligence, depth, and support.


Analysis – A Doll's House
[Name of the Student]
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A Doll's House
A Doll's House is considerably a play written by Henrik Ibsen in 1879 in a Norwegian setting. The play has prominently highlighted the role of women and men in different contexts. It has been observed that the play has made a great contribution to feminist literature even though the characters do not seem very outstanding at first sight. In the play, Nora is a wife and a mother who hides her financial issues from Torvald, husband. He got angry when he learned about her dishonesty. Thus, Nora left her husband after knowing his selfishness and became an independent woman. The play has significantly mentioned the issues of women's rights which were not common during the 19th-century plays. The female characters in the play are limited to the social standards of their era. The author depicts the female as lesser to male gender and demonstrates that the role of women is considered to sacrifice herself (Ibsen, 2008).
The author commented on the role of female characters, stating that, despite social expectations and other obstacles, this choice is important for everyone. However, by avoiding social norms and making personal choices, women's roles serve as an example for everyone. True domination of self can only happen by dominating one's destiny. The role of women in this particular play can be seen with the help of family sacrifice, the depreciation of women in society and the choice of women's roles. There have been few literacy features used in the play such as irony in terms of verbal, dramatic and situational, symbolism, metaphor, and diction. Moreover, the overall impact on the reader shows that the play is a great example of the constrained character of womankind during the period when it was written and issues that arise from an extreme inequity of supremacy amid men and women.
The two genders as men and women have been exceptionally represented in the play in different characters. The focused of the play was on both the role of a man and women in a house, society, and family. Women are most commonly forced to sacrifice their lives completely for their families. This has been observed that all applied characters of a female in the play are observed as making a strong choice that eventually causes them to detriment themselves in regards to oblige their family including husband and children. Whereas, men in the play are presented in way diverse ways just as trapped by traditional gender roles as the women. Thus, Helmer and Torvald are two prominent characters and main examples of masculinity. According to the author, a man is considered as a provider, bears the burden of supporting the entire household. It has been perc

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