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Team Building Exercise (Essay Sample)

1.Identify a team building exercise that you would like to practice. For ideas, you can refer to books or magazines, search the web, or interview other people. 2.Make note of team dynamics - what is happening and why? 3.Write a paper about your experience in running a team-building session. source..

Team Building Exercise
Team building involves activities that companies take to motivate their team members and increase the overall performance. Team building enables individuals to work together for accomplishing a particular goal. Team building enables the team to boost morale, learn effective strategies, improve communication, and improve productivity. Moreover, it helps the team to understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths, likes and dislikes. Team building is usable in many business activities, whether small or large to endorse effective teamwork in the company. Find herein a personal team building exercise that is best for practice and team dynamics accompanied by the reasons (Diamond & Diamond, 2007).
The personal option of team building exercise would be the popular coin logo. In this game, all the participants empty their purses, wallets and pockets and put their coins on the table. In case some people do not have to the coins; the rest may share with the others. Individuals are then supposed to make their personal logo while using the coins put on the table in one minute only. The other materials that can make the logo include pens, wallets, and notebooks among others. A large group can result to sub-division groups of three to six people and they make a logo that represents their group. The leader of each group then explains the meaning of their logo as well as explaining it symbolizes in the team. This exercise allows the participants to be acquainted with each other on personal level. Most importantly, the exercise supports mutual awareness. This exercise has contributed to faster growth of the company and also created a friendly environment (Norman, 2006).
Conclusively, team building should be mandatory in each growing company. It helps the team to learn effective strategies, improve communication among other benefits. Team building is also best other business activities. The most applicable and efficient exercise is coin logo, which brings about the team’s mutual understanding and enables the participants to be acquaintances.
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