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Abortion in California (Essay Sample)


Please complete the following.
Write a sentence outline (500+ words) for an argumentative paper where you explore a contentious local (city, county, or state) issue. Try to choose an issue that affects you directly and try to fairly represent both sides of the issue. Explain the opposing sides as clearly and fairly as possible. Then, explain your position on the issue and concede any limitations or biases with your argument. Finally, persuade the reader that your position on the issue is the stronger and more sensible one. Be sure to define all of your key terms and point out the ambiguous words or phrases used by the opposing side. Also, cite news articles, government reports, and legal decisions to provide the necessary background and context for your argument. Try to make the outline as thorough as possible, because you will be asked to develop it into a fully fledged paper for your midterm assignment in Module 4. 
The assignment must be written in APA Style with references, submitted to SafeAssign and submitted through Blackboard. Outlines that do not meet these three requirements will not be graded. The rubric (grading criteria) for written assignments is available under the Rubrics tab in the course menu.
Note: The sentence outline differs from the traditional outline in that a sentence outline uses complete sentences. If you need to help writing a sentence outline, then please visit http://anthroniche(dot)com/media/pdfs/how_to_create_a_sentence_outline.pdf.


Abortion in California
Abortion in California
What is Abortion?
* By definition abortion can be referred to as termination of a pregnancy in order to avoid having a child. Abortion can be done through medication or surgical procedures from a medical practitioner. However, the way in which abortion is carried out depends on the number of weeks one has been pregnant. In California, abortion has been so controversial in that people have been taking different positions on the issue. However, majority of the people have argued that abortion is wrong whereas others have supported abortion. This argument is based on abortion as a controversial issue in the state of California.
Views on Abortion
* There have been divergent views on the issue of abortion especially in the state of California. In this regard, those supporting abortion argued on the following premises. A number argued that abortion was necessary especially when there was a high probability that the child to be born would develop complications after birth (Web, 2015). In this case, the mother is allowed to undertake an abortion. Moreover, they supported this by stating that if a baby would be born with complications may be exposed to high chances of death. Additionally, ...
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