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MGT599 TD 1-6 (Essay Sample)

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE SOURCE FOR EACH MODULE HAVE MIN. OF 5 sources, AND THEY ARE LIST SPERATLY IN EACH MODULE BEC THEY ARE 6 sepreate assigments.please make sure the same person that has been doing my stuff in the mgt599 class will be doing this as will. and this part is much easyier then the other stuff. Module 1 Hi Everybody! Please take a minute to introduce yourself on this forum. We are going to have discussions on strategic management topics, as they apply to companies. For this assignment, we will focus on Wal-Mart, the retailer giant. As you research Wal-Mart, you may want to compare and contrast that company with the others we are reading about in Module 1. Please visit the Wal-Mart site, and identify their mission and vision, as well as their major stakeholders. (Please note that the stakeholders aren't just the shareholders. The stakeholders include everyone who is affected by the success or failure of the company.) In consultation with your fellow students, please analyze how Wal-Mart represents and advances the goals of its stakeholders. Note: We are interested in your thoughts on this topic. Though you will want to consult some websites or other resources, please do not cut-and-paste material directly from those resources! Module 2 In Module 2, we focus on external analyses, comprising of macro-environment, industry, global. External analysis enables companies to identify threats and opportunities. Threats are conditions that preclude companies from functioning and making profits. Opportunities are conditions which enable companies to make profits. The Five Forces model by Porter is a very useful framework utilized to perform industry analysis. Let us continue with Wal-Mart. Discuss the external environment for Wal-Mart, at all levels, such as macro environment, global, and industry. Module 3 In Module 3, we focus on Internal Analysis and SWOT analysis. In week one, briefly assess the internal environment at Wal-Mart. Do not try to analyze the whole internal organization, rather, identify one or two factors discussed in this module. Try not to repeat the observations made by another classmate, though you are encouraged to build on each other's observations. Or disagree! In week two, integrate the external analysis from mod 2 with the internal analysis from week one of mod 3. The end result of an internal and external analysis is the identification of the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is known as the SWOT analysis. It is very important for a company to assess its strengths so that it can use them to fight threats and take advantage of opportunities. Similarly, the company must recognize and work to shore up its weaknesses so that opportunities are not missed and threats are less likely to put the company at risk. I am not expecting you to complete the full SWOT on your own in this TD. Rather, try to fully assess just one internal strength or weakness, and explain how it impacts an external opportunity or threat. Relate your own observations to those made by your classmates. Do you agree with their analysis, or does your analysis lead to a different conclusion? BE SURE TO POST YOUR COMMENTS TO THE PROPERLY TITLED THREAD SO THAT WE CAN ALL LOGICALLY FOLLOW THE DISCUSSION! Module 4 Using the frameworks discussed in the background readings, analyze Wal-Mart's strategic choices at the business, functional, corporate and gloal levels. Choose one strategic choice, and identify which level it addresses. Later on in the discussion, consider whether the strategic choices are in sync with their generic strategy as described by Porter. Module 5 In order to implement a strategic choice, organizations use structures, control systems, HR policies, culture. Let us revisit Wal-Mart and analyze how they implement the strategies they currently pursue. Again, choose one implementation tactic, identify whether it concerns structure, controls, HR, or culture and whether or not you think it positively supports their strategy at the proper level. Module 6 Given the readings and assignments in the course, identify and briefly discuss two concepts that you believe are best applicable to your professional discipline. source..
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Module 1
Hi my name is Newton Tony a student at high school aged 22 years old. As I stand before you today, we are going to discuss different topics on strategic management as they apply to different companies especially Wal-Mart who are the main retailer giants. Let me begin by giving a brief history of Wal-Mart and discount retailing. Discount retailing can easily be defined as a retail establishment that specializes in satisfying the consumers residential and personal product needs and goods while giving the consumer a choice of multiple merchandises of different prices in all categories of the product (Bohm 2009). Discount retailing began long ago in the year 1962 when Target, Wal-Mart and Kmart were first opened. The stores that Sam Walton owned within the 1950s received a lot of stiff competition from many other regional discount stores that existed. Sam took time and traveled all over the country as he studied almost everything that concerned discount retailing before actually opening Wal-Mart.
After his studies, he was convinced beyond reason that the American consumers needed a new type of store, and together with his wife Helen, they put up to 95 percent of the money for their first Wal-Mart store located in Rogers Ark. It went public in the year 1972 and for the first time, it appeared in the stock exchange market in New York which catapulted the store to grow to about 276 stores in at least 11 states. Their mission and vision statement is to help people save money so they can live better. Taking a critical look at their mission statement, it tries to improve the lives of the American people by helping them save money on products. Their main purpose states that if we work together, we`ll lower the cost of living for everyone, we`ll give the world an opportunity to see what it is like to save and have a better life CITATION TRi92 \l 1033 (Dealtry, 1992). Their major stakeholders include the people who own shares in the company and would want see the proceeds at the end of the day. The other group of stakeholders includes the executives and employees who run the business and ensure the stores are running effectively. Then lastly are the consumers who want to see how their chain stores are being managed.
Module 2
In any business environment, there must be factors that contribute to its success or loss. They are grouped into external and interna...
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