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Total Quality Management (Essay Sample)

BHM320 – Module 2 SLP Expectations 1. The intent of the SLP is for you to apply the theoretical and general aspects covered in each module, to real-life and practical cases. 2. The SLP will have specific questions you will need to address, as described below. 3. Please respond to the questions in at least 2 full text pages. 4. Detailing the benefits and diversity issues is where you can and should demonstrate critical thinking. The Assignment 1. Identify a health care organization or program that has implemented TQM/CQI. 2. Explain in detail the benefits derived by that organization from this implementation. 3. How were diversity issues dealt with? Where not addressed - how should they have been addressed? source..
Total Quality Management
Total Quality Management
Total quality management usually abbreviated as TQM can be described as a management approach which is geared towards the improvement service provision in organizations and ensuring long term success. TQM is usually based on participation of the individuals in the given organization by ensuring all the customers are satisfied and that the organization is of benefit to all the people involved in the organization (Endres, 2000). Total quality management is geared towards the achievement of organizational goals. Continuous quality improvement (CQ I) is a management philosophy that is aimed at the continuous improvement of an organization by means of utilizing scientific methods to acquire knowledge and manage all variations occurring during the progress of work(Endres,2000).
Total quality management as well as continuous quality improvement principals has been implemented in the Tennessee Hospital Association. The implementation of TQM/TQI in this hospital was done so as to make sure all processes in the hospital were efficient. Through the implementation of TQM and TQI; the hospital was in a position to improve on the quality of services provided to patients and also made the administrative process in the hospital more effective (Marshall & Leatherman, 2000).
The implementation of continuous quality improvement resulted to improvement on scientific approaches. There was an improvement in data analysis and systems thinking as well as bench marking and variat...
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