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How to choose a major (Essay Sample)

This is process essay I want 3 body paragraph use own interest, job market, and experience for body paragraph Write is simple and easy this is for the people who speaks english as a second language source..
How to Choose a Major [Date] [Course] How to Choose a Major A major is an area of study that you select to focus on during undergraduate study. The choice of major leads to choosing an area of study that will occupy a major part of your time and effort. On completion of the major the student receives a bachelor’s degree. A Major is important because it gives the student an opportunity to get knowledge and study in-depth one topic. Majors are very important and determine the career you choose and also you future happiness and wellbeing. There are many things that you have to see before you can finally decide on a major, because if you don’t think about all the consequences, you will probably end up choosing the wrong major, which will affect your life. This paper explains how to choose a major. There are three things that you need to do when deciding on a major. First of all you have to first assess your interests and ideals. It is important to know if the chosen major relates to the values and views about things and issues. When you are looking for a major you have to decide that your choice is because of career prospects or because you feel emotional about it. At this point it is important to know if you know what your career goal is, meaning if you know what you will be doing after completion of your degree and in future. It is very important to know what you like to do or what area or subject is of interest. If for example you choose a course which doesn’t seem very interesting to you but you take it because you think it will make you more successful, then this may be a mistake. It is important to choose a subject that interests you and you can get excited about it. If you feel on the other hand that the major may be very boring and you are taking it to make a career doesn’t do it. As it will lead to dullness and y...
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