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Mandated Reporter (Essay Sample)

view attached DVD videos , respond to the following questions in completed sentences (Typed/APA format,with a cover page)questions and DVD are attached. https://www(dot)dropbox(dot)com/s/285x74tvlr4bvzn/ManditoryReporting1ReportingAdvocacy%20%281%29.wmv https://www(dot)dropbox(dot)com/s/neigqzcq94pxddk/ManditoryReporting2ReportingProcess%20%281%29.wmv https://www(dot)dropbox(dot)com/s/6u65pzlsyab47mo/ManditoryReporting3AftermathMythsandChallenges%20%281%29.wmv source..
Child Abuse Name: Institution: Children are prone to abuse which in most of the cases comes from the people that they interact with in a community, be it at home, school or organisations. To protect them from harm there are a set of laws and organisation that are specifically tasked to look out for the rights of any child. One on the main type of child abuse is physical in nature. These can be injuries that have been inflicted on the child due to aggression. As much as there is evidence of physical injury, whether intended or otherwise, this is considered abusive to the child. The other type is the sexual abuse to the children. If any adult regardless of relations, involves the child in sexual activities such as sodomy, incest, fondling, violating their bodily privacy or showing pornographic material among others, will be liable for sexual abuse charges. It is not important if the child reacted positively or negatively the verdict is the same. In addition, children can also be violated emotionally. This form of abuse is always present where all the other forms of abuse are present. It is also the most detrimental as its negative effects last longer in life than any of those effects from the other forms of abuse. It involves intimidation, verbal abuse among all the behavioural activities that hamper the mental and social growth of the child. Mandated reporters are persons that are in contact with the vulnerable population such as children, and try to determine if there are any forms of abuse directed towards this p...
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