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Definition argument (Essay Sample)

This is a definition argument.You must use in-text citations and a works cited page, using MLA style citation. In this essay, you will define and re-define a concept against its usually accepted definition--such as "childhood," "state violence," "genocide," "bravery," "PTSD," "Resiliency," "Forgiveness," "Love," or some other term--using evidence from That Mad Game and at least 3 other sources. Though you may want or need to use a dictionary in this assignment, it may *not* count as one of the four required sources. The dictionary definition of a term may also *not* count or stand in for your definition. You are providing a new, expanded, or otherwise different definition for the concept or term. PS "That mad game" is a new book and talks about war zone children I did wrote this essay by myself about 2 pages long about children's rights, but my teacher said my essay isn't redefinition the concept of children's rights. If you want to see my essay, I would happy to send you a file. Please let me know if you need any more information. My teacher feedback on my essay: ""Every children must benefit from children's rights" is a claim--but it is not a definition. Likewise, "Children's right is important for protecting children, but that isn't naturally and consequentially happening on every child" is a claim but is not a definition. You need to consider the CONCEPT that you want to analyze. If it is children's rights, then you need to consider how the current definition of children's rights is problematic (whether it is too much or not enough, for example, or needs to be pointed into another direction etc). If you wish to analyze another concept related to children's rights, that's fine too--but what is it?" source..
Child rights
The issue of children right has been around for decades, tormenting governments, nongovernment organisations and citizens of various countries alike. Throughout the world, children get cruel treatment against their will, with the obvious guardian perpetrating these acts or standing and watching it happen. ‘The people that who are supposed to be protecting them violate all their rights as normal human beings’ ( In the recent pasts, governments and humanitarian bodies have been busy formulating laws that will hand the children their rights, not just locally but also at the international level. There is a need to redefine the rules as the malpractices are still majorly rampant, not just in the developing countries but even in the countries deem to be on the fore front of the battle against these inhumane acts. The current laws claim to protect all the children from the unfair treatment, but the statistics on child abuse paint a different picture all together.
Thesis statement
Children are the most delicate and sensitive to their environment. Although there are rights that are formulated to protect them, there is a need to stiffen the rules in ensuring that abandoned children’s rights are entirely enforced.
Public law, Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act is responsible for the rights and well-being of children against indecent exposure. This law provides the current definitions that are used to gauge the extent of child abuse or neglect. The law therefore should emphasize in ensuring children are protected from violation of their rights. In the recent past, American went to war with Iraq, one that has raised a lot of controversial comments and feeling among the minds of people. While the focus of the effects of war limited to the soldiers that were deployed to the war fields, none of that focus comes back to the children left behind. Looking at the Iraq war, the casualties were more than four thousand. ‘Even the children felt the effects of the war, but there are no laws that shield children from these traumas’ (Kari). In this regard the public laws should be stiffened to ensure that children are not involved in hostile conditions that have been experienced before.
Rights against involvement in wars; All-over the world thousands of children are taken into war armed with lethal weapons against their own will. The irony of all is that the government forces take some of them in, the same government that is supposed to protect them from harm. Although the international laws prohibit the use...
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