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Sexual violence (Essay Sample)

ten page- double spaced essay. Sexual Violence Essay Assignment You are to complete a ten page, typed, double-spaced essay on one of the following: 1) Jeffrey Dahmer 2) Ted Bundy 3) John Wayne Gacy 4) Clifford Olson 5) Pedophilia/Child Molestation 6) Henry Lee Lucas 7) Leonard Lake/Charles Ng The paper should include relevant research on your topic. You are to compare and contrast research and ideas. Support your opinions with the research you have found. You are free to complete this paper using the style of your choice provided the following details are addressed:  Use a minimum of three references  The paper is a minimum length of ten pages, not including cover page and reference page (total 12 pages).  Papers are completed using APA style references and in-paper citations.  Feel free to incorporate headings and diagrams into your essay.  Papers are to be submitted by the due dates outlined in the course schedule.  Submitted using the digital drop box. Mark Breakdown  Essay is worth 40% of your final grade  70% of grade is content  20% (2 pages of opinion/validation)  10% correct referencing/APA style source..

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Sexual Violence
There are quite a few sociological and psychosomatic issues that are vital in society today. They usually end up to traumatic events in the lives of kids and adults hence results in those affected particularly the ones who are in society. The issue of sexual abuse among children specifically requires special attention. This particular turmoil is one, which has led to difficulties among those in the society while impacting heavily hence the concern to eliminate the trauma of sexual abuse. Defining the sexual abuse as well as comprehending the societal setting that are a part of this gives more light into the problem (Johnson, Rew & Sternglanz, 2006).
Defining Sexual Abuse/ molestation
To comprehend sexual abuse and violence among kids, it is vital to define the scope of the problem as well as the close problems that are related to the act. The scope of this problem is solitary, which is defined via sociological beliefs and norms together with associations of sexual activities. Sexual abuse is the intimate action, which relates directly or indirectly to sexual activities. The definition encompasses and implies that there is bodily, emotional and also behavioral links related to sexuality that is done by two or more persons. In cases of sexual abuse and violence, a person is regarded as a perpetrator to a case involving sexual violence if one is involved directly. Another different individual is subjected to the acts and eventually becomes the victim of the particular act who is forced to perform the particular sexual acts either physically or mentally. When it comes comes to the aspect of influencing the child, the child will either be fondled by the abuser or will be subjected to activities that will usually be not meant for children. For instance is the case where the child will be exposed to sexually graphic materials which are meant mentally groom the kid to be sexually excited (Johnson, Rew & Sternglanz, 2006).
Pedophilia/Child Molestation
Pedophilia is kind of psychosexual mental disorder. It is usually classified under Paraphilias which is characterized by fantasies, intense sexual urges, behaviors that encompass unusual activities and objects. The disorder causes impairment in the individual occupational, social and many other areas of human functioning. The disorder is likely to affect an approximately 4% of male adults. Pedophilia involves having a sexual encounter with a child preferably aged 13 years or younger. The individual who is suffering from the mental problem must be aged 16 years or relatively older than that age and the individual is actually five years older to the child victim. In particular, the individuals suffering from the disorder prefer the 8 to 10 year old females while those attracted to male preferably go for children who are actually a bit older than that. The problem...
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