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Julius Caesar and Malcolm X (Essay Sample)

Sorry this is the full description for the order In an organized, well developed essay, 3 – 5 typed pages, compare Julius Caesar with one of the following assassinated leaders: Yitzhak Rabin Abraham Lincoln Malcolm X Czar Nicholas II of Russia This is a research paper. You will be expected to cite your sources and have a Works Cited or Bibliography page source..

Julius Caesar and Malcolm X
Julius Caesar and Malcolm X
Julius Caesar was a famous Roman General, Consul and notable author of Latin prose. He played a significant role in the preceding events that led to the fall of the Roman Republic and subsequent rise of the Roman Empire. At around 60 BC, Caesar and two others, Crassus and Pompey, founded a political alliance that dominated roman politics for several years CITATION Phi08 \l 1033 (Freeman, 2008). He was born into a patrician family. In 85 BC, his father died and this made Caesar head of the family at the tender age of sixteen. Caesars coming of age coincided with a civil war that erupted between his uncle, Gaius Marius, who was one of the most prominent figures in the Roman Republic, and his greatest rival Lucius Sulla CITATION Viv92 \l 1033 (Thomas, 1992). Sulla worn the civil war which resulted into Caesar becoming a target of the new regime. He was forced to go into hiding until the threat against him was lifted after the intervention of his mother`s family. His mother`s family comprised of supporters of Sulla. Caesar later left Rome and joined the army. During his service in the army, he won the Civic Crown for the part he played in an important siege. He was allowed to take a military career only after the loss of his priest hood. Caesar was the high priest of Jupiter and by then priests were not allowed to touch horses or even sleep three days outside Rome. In 78 BC, Sulla died. The death of Sulla came as a relief to Caesar as he felt safe again to return to Rome. He, however, had no proper means of returning to Rome as all his inheritance had been confiscated. On his return to Rome, he turned to advocacy legal advocacy where he became a prominent figure for his exceptional oratory and his high pitched voice and later prosecution of former governors who were very notorious for their extortion CITATION Sha06 \l 1033 (Shakespeare & Burton , 2006). Caesar w...
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