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What do we really need? (Essay Sample)

What do we really need? Using the assigned readings and information from the literature, compose a response to the following: Maslow described the hierarchy of needs as ranging from physiological or basic biological needs, such as oxygen, to self-actualization, also known as complete fulfillment. Consider the patient who is in critical condition in the intensive care unit and has pre-existing medical diagnosis of anxiety disorder. This patient would have physiologic needs as a priority but also require attention directed toward higher level needs. Based on your knowledge of the hierarchy of needs, could a patient have several needs met simultaneously, or does one need to be met prior to moving on to the next? How does the nurse make judgments about meeting the patient needs? How would psychological needs impact the recovery of a severely ill patient? Support your answers with examples. In your responses to your peers posts provide constructive and insightful comments that go beyond that of agree or disagree source..
The patient had been admitted in the Intensive Care Unit with an anxiety disorder prior to being hospitalized. According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, every human being has to satisfy all the five levels of needs in accordance to his classification (Goble, 2004). Maslow’s classification of needs in a hierarchy that dictates that lower level needs have to be satisfied first before other levels of needs are realized. The patients’ major need falls under the physiological classification, which includes the basic needs for survival with health being vital. The patient like all other human beings has several needs that he would want to meet. Such needs might not neces...
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