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United states history since 1865 (Essay Sample)

Discuss the different plans to reconstruct the Union after the Civil War and why each worked or failed. Then discuss the attempts to extend civil rights from 1865 to 1877 and why the movement and era called Reconstruction came to an end. Source – A Patriot's History of the United States by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen (New York: Sentinel, 2007). ISBN: 9781595230324. Directions to follow: 1. Answer all the parts of the question. 2. Always define terms. For example: terms like \"Manifest Destiny\" or \"Cold War\" then include what they mean. 3. Explain who the people are that you mention in the essay. In other words, say why the person is important enough to mention or what is the person\'s significance to the essay. 4. Use as much analysis and explanation as possible for each point you raise. 5. Make sure the responses are specific. In other words, stick to the question and avoid broad generalizations. 6. Watch tenses, grammar and organization. 7. Use a person\'s full name when you mention that person the first time in the essay. 8. It is OK to abbreviate but make sure it is a common abbreviation (like U.S.) or make sure you write what the abbreviation means the first time you use it. 9. Use only the source assigned top of the instructions to answer the essay. 10. Do not use \"etc.\" in the essay 11. Be as specific with dates as possible, and speaking of dates, make sure the things you mention are in the correct sequence. 12. Keep the essay organized. There are several parts to the question, answer them in order, in a time sequence. 13. Avoid repetition. When repeating something, even in a summation, it often looks like padding. So state the point and move on. 14. Don\'t give background to the question. Get to the question and answer only what is asked. source..
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10th March 2013
After the civil war, there were immediate needs to bring the nation together into one. A number of plans were developed that though they were faced with a lot of challenges to an extent of some failing. Some of them include: one. Abraham Lincoln proposed 10% plan where the minority voters were to take an oath of allegiance in respect to the union and also they were to accept emancipation. Lincoln however wanted to establish pro-union governments within the provision and exclude southerners who had actually resigned from the congress or any American commission when the civil war was commencing. The move was hindered by Radical Republicans who advocated for a bit more radical approach and they delayed the implementation. Second, the thirteen amendments which abolished slavery in America. It was passed ultimately ringing end to slavery in United States after the state by the name Georgia ratified hence twenty seven states managed, required minimum number to amend constitution hence it passed. Third, it was civil Rights Act of 1966 that granted civil and citizen rights to all male individuals regardless of their color and race. It was introduced by Illinois senator Lyman Trumbull but it was vetoed by Andrew Johnson but however the congress managed to overrode the veto hence it was taken as legislation. Fourth, Thaddeus Stevens and reconstruction where being a Republic Republican advocated for...
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