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Information Security Threats - D1 (Essay Sample)

"Threats to Information Security" Please respond to the following: · Select any three of the following security threats described in the textbook (human error, damage by employees, misuse of computer systems, theft, computer-based fraud, viruses, hackers, and natural disasters) and recommend a control for each threat that can be put into place to mitigate the breach of organizational information. Be sure to provide specific examples to support your response. Rank the threats in order of risk and then justify your ranking. source..
Information Security Threats Name: Institution: Information security threats are those circumstances that have the potential of causing any form of harm, be it; destructive, service denial, data modification, unauthorized access, disclosing information and the physical loss of equipment. There are quite a number of threats and they are almost always caused by either, natural factors, human and can also be a genuine accident or through a deliberate act (Help Net Security, 2010). At the top of the list is the misuse of the information at the organization by the employees. In some of the cases this happens because the employees are not up to date with the organization information security protocols, but in some others it is deliberate act of sabotage. To curb these employee habits, the organization can either choose to give additional training to the employees, especially on the importance of the data security and the implications to them and the organization (The guardian, 2013). They may also choose to redefine the data security policies and procedures used within and...
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