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ASSIGNMENT 08 AN310 Social Anthropology Directions: Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be one (1) single-spaced page in length; refer to the "Assignment Format" page for specific format requirements. Write an essay on a cultural anthropology topic that interests you. You will need to find at least two (2) outside sources for this essay, but you may need more to demonstrate a thorough examination of the topic. Do NOT copy and paste from the sources; summarize, paraphrase, quote, and document your sources correctly in APA format. Be sure to focus on how your topic relates to the field of anthropology, in particularly something that you have learned in this course. Example topics include the following: ƒ¤ Religious paradigms across cultures ƒ¤ International business ƒ¤ Cultural Issues in Public Schools ƒ¤ Technology and Social Issues ƒ¤ Bioethics ƒ¤ Subcultures in Cyberspace ƒ¤ Unusual religious beliefs or practices ƒ¤ Health and nutrition-related cultural practices ƒ¤ Cultural ¡§rites of passage¡¨ (such as the body scarification of certain tribes in Papua New Guinea and the Maori of New Zealand) ƒ¤ Cultural festivals (such as Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnival in Brazil) ƒ¤ Community Dances Your essay will be evaluated on the following criteria: 1. Thesis Statement and Introductory Paragraph ¡V Give an indication of the importance of this topic and state how this topic relates to something you have learned in this course. (10 points) 2. Body Paragraphs ¡V Discuss the topic in your own words using at least two (2) published sources of information, cited correctly in the paragraphs as needed. Be sure to organize the information in a logical manner and discuss the topic completely. (70 points) 3. Concluding Paragraph ¡V Draw some conclusions here based on the information you have presented. (10 points) 4. Grammar, Mechanics, and Bibliography ¡V Be sure to edit and proofread carefully. Also include an APA-formatted bibliography listing your sources. (10 points) THIS IS THE END OF ASSIGNMENT 08. source..
Cultural issues in public schools Name: Tutor: Date: .  Thesis statement Cultural issues in public schools influence student’s performances. Introduction Cultural anthropology is a branch of anthropology dealing with society and human culture. Human culture is complex and dynamic. It keeps on changing with time and environment. This proofs the fact that human beings have unique way of reacting to the stimulus. Culture is identified with archeology. It signals particular society at a particular place and time. This paper highlights the cultural issues in the public schools. Main Body Students have different cultures depending on the origin of the parents. The same cultural diversity is experienced in the public schools (Schlafly, 2006). Cultural diversity has enabled students learn from one another increasing their knowledge. Culture has enabled students to respect one other hence encouraging multicultural environment in schools. Students have been found to group themselves in cultural groups (Cooper & Jordan, 2003). This is possible in that culture enables a sense of belonging and responsibility. Students enjoy multicultural democracy in schools and prepare them for the life after school which consists of multicultural society. Countries are becoming more and more diverse in ethnic and cultures. This has been enabled due to ease in transport networks from all over the world. This is pushing public schools especially in the cities to be more diverse in culture. This prepares students to learn from diverse environment. It’s believed that cultural environment enhances school experience. Students work together in solving academic challenges from many aspects of life. This has greatly improved the performances of the students significantly (Cooper & Jordan, 2003). Cultural diversity has...
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