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Child Abuse (Essay Sample)

it is about mandatory Violence Intervention & Prevention (VIP) education The assignment is a 3 - 4 page (double spaced, 12 font, times new roman, 1 inch margins) summary paper based on the three readings cited below (attached to this email). Your paper should demonstrate a careful reading of the readings. Short quotations from the texts can be used to support your ideas, but just copying large sections from the texts is not acceptable. source..
Child Abuse
Recent research has noted that children have for a long time been subjected to many forms of abuse including domestic violence that happens between their parents. This abuse comes from both parents’ actions and environment. Such children are most likely to succumb to being self abusers. In other instances they can be also used to inflict violence on victims of abuse.
Witnessing abuse
Children have witnessed violence in their homes in a number of ways. This could be through seeing or hearing abusive episodes. Without the notice and believe of the parents, the youth can often give comprehensive accounts of the happenings. Side effects may vary from one child to the other. This variance will be based on age difference, gender and the depth of violence that that particular child has witnessed or participated in. according to research it is generally observed that Domestic Violence or Abuse is highly relevant to the child's current and future well-being. From this experience, children who witness abuse between their parents are more likely to abuse themselves. The children are also likely to suffer from low self esteem witnessed in the young ones. Low self esteem no the young is caused by battering, harassing and mixed messages according to Child Behavior Checklist (Henning, 2005).
Indicators of emotional problems will appear in form of crying, anxiety and sadness, confusion, anger that could be towards a parent, depression, suicidal character, nightmares, fears and phobias. In the younger youths and babies, disorders could be showing in eating and sleeping patterns. Children will also exhibit behavioral difficulties that include aggressiveness, poor academic performance and rebellion both at home or in school. In the past, in occasions when the child was not the direct victim of abuse, repercussions still had grave psychological trauma to the child involved. This could later develop long term effects which also affects the child’s ability and growth. It also will reflect as an inability to build relations in future life.
Cognitive functioning and attitudes
Significant researches have learned that there is association between cognitive development challenges with witnessing domestic violence. These findings are supported with other academic reports. One of the consequences of exposing children to violence may be posed in their attitudes toward conflict resolution. For such children, the best way to settle conflicts is through use of violence. Boys who have witnessed violence this always take to act in aggressively so as to show their self image. On the other hand, while girls disapprove of this witnessed activity, boys tend to approve of it (Henning, 2005)....
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