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Criminal investigation (Essay Sample)

Acting as a subject matter expert on criminal investigation, you have been asked to assist in the creation of a simulation exercise of a multijurisdictional criminal investigation. Some of the preliminary work has already been completed. Your specific task is to compile the post investigation review document (rubric) to be used by exercise assessors in their evaluation of the quality of the criminal investigation. This is what you know: A series of 11 random explosions have occurred in an area that traverses two states, and a total of seven counties (five counties in one state and two counties in the other state), embracing a total of nine cities and incorporated towns. The explosions resulted in five deaths, 32 injuries, and significant property damage. In each case, the explosion was detonated remotely. The lead investigative agency is the Virtual, Maryland, Police Department, because the first three explosions occurred within its jurisdiction. VPD has about 100 sworn personnel, including 17 all-purpose detective investigators. It has a certified forensic laboratory for rudimentary analysis, staffed by credentialed civilians. Ultimately, two suspects were identified and apprehended, one adult male and one teenage (minor) male. Statements were made by each, resulting in investigative searches and seizures of forensic evidence. Both subjects eventually confessed to their respective and collective parts in the crimes. Assessors in the simulation exercise will be debriefing the role players as to their actions; their understanding of the legal basis, purpose, and advantages and disadvantages of their investigative strategies; and the conduct of the investigation. The assessors have already come up with a series of questions for the participants. You have been asked to provide the \"model\" answer against which the responses of the participants will be graded. I just need 2 sections answered based on the information above: D. Testimonial Evidence 1. Describe the steps necessary to ensure that verbal or written communications from each of the suspects are eligible as testimonial evidence in a criminal proceeding. 2. Describe the direct and indirect consequences if the testimonial evidence is deemed inadmissible by the trial court. E. Public Information As the investigation proceeds, in general terms, what information is or is not available to non-VPD members of the task force? other law enforcement agencies? family members of the deceased and injured victims? credentialed news reporters? community members? Who should be the point of contact for investigative information, and how should that designation be decided? I need it to be 300 words please, I spoke on live chat and the agent told me to order the 275 word essay and ask for it to be 300 words. Thank you! source..

Criminal investigation

To ensure that both written and verbal communication are admissible in a court of law it is necessary to ensure that the evidence collected does not occur through coercion. Thus, the first step to ensure that the information is accepted is that it has to be relevant to the case. Relevance relates to the evidence being material to the case and hence admissible (Cole & Smith, 2008). Hence, besides the evidence being taken without duress the evidence must prove that the two suspects did engage in the bombing. The results of an investigation based on either written or oral communication may appear subjective and the materiality of the evidence must highlight on this.
In order to make sure that the evidence is accepted, it is necessary to also show that the source is credible (Bahm,2002). After both suspects were arrested the testimony evidence has to appear to be credible in the sense that the two witnesses gave information that was not contradictory and supports the evidence of the crimes. In the case of written information, both witnesses must sign papers before giving th...
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