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The Most Important Parts Of Odyssey Journey (Essay Sample)


Odysseus is gone from home for a long time. He experiences more than most men. Dissect his journey and analyze its parts. Which part of his journey could he have changed easily and, thereby, returned home sooner? Why?


The Odyssey Essay
The Odyssey Essay
Odysseus, a Greek hero successfully leads his men in the defeat of the Trojans. After the war, all men leave for home, but Odysseus goes through many challenges before reaching his home in Ithaca. His journey delayed largely by his own actions and the doings of his men as seen from the different parts of his journey. Odysseus journey first led him to Ismaros where he went with his men in the search for food and water. Instead of using peaceful means, they ended up raiding the place and made away with all the food, water, and the gold. This act angered the gods and marked the beginning of Odysseus losing his men. The next stop was at the Island of the Lotus Eaters where some of Odysseus men were given food and water in which nectar from Lotus flowers had been added. Unknown to them this nectar killed one`s desire to go home and therefore the men refused to leave the island. Odysseus had to force them onto the ship. Together they then headed to the Island of the Cyclopes.
At Cyclopes, they encountered the brutal Polyphemus, who ate some of Odysseus men. Odysseus later hatched out a plan to stab Polyphemus in the eyes using a spear made from the branch of an olive tree. They executed the plan while Polyphemus had passed out and this leaves him blind. As the men escaped from the island, Odysseus arrogantly revealed his identity to Polyphemus, who then cursed him and their journey. Later on the island of Aeolus, Odysseus is given a bag containing winds meant to ensure that they al

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