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Which Is Better For OSU Freshmen In Their Role Of Citizen, Homer's Odyssey Or Hesiod's Theogony? (Essay Sample)


Requirements and rubric are all in attachments.

Classics 2220 Classical Mythology
Which is better for OSU freshmen in their role of citizen, Homer’s Odyssey or Hesiod’s Theogony?
A citizen belongs to a political order and has political obligations to that order and the duties depend on the political obligations Both Homer’s and Hesiod’s works are epic, but Hesiod’s work focuses more on the gods and creating cosmos through divine royalty. “She gave birth to the Appointers of Death and Goddesses of Doom (Hesiod 217). Homer’s Odyssey is a heroic epic history of Greece and soldiers finding their way back to the homeland. Homer focuses on the journey of people in the Trojan War and highlights their quest for excellence. This essay highlights that Homer’s Odyssey is better for OSU freshmen in their role of citizen compared to Hesiod’s Theogony, as it goes beyond mythology and gods to emphasize civism and excellence.
The Greek city states thrived when the people protected theme with the guidance of the gods. “He entered the wide streets of the enemy city. He looked like a beggar, Far from what he was back in the Greek camp, and fooled everyone when he entered Troy (Homer 4.265-267). In the passage, Odysseus helped the Greeks by defeating her enemies as he was loyal to the political establishment. On the other hand, in Theogony, Hesiod stated, “Zeus honored her and gave her countless gifts. He made her the mighty oath of the gods (400-401)
As Homer focuses on the difficulties faced by the soldiers who experienced conflict and chaos, he is able to establish the standard of excellence. This relates to citizenship as he articulated a vision of justice political morality and citizenship (Rose 150). The mythological figures expressed the ideals of civic virtues among the nobles. The leaders need to consider the public good to enhance internal cohesion when there is conflict as is the case of the Odyssey (Ulf 86). Even as the source of Hesiod’s writing is divine his emphasis is on what the gods do for the mortals. “Hear me, men of Ithaca. It was not without the will, of the deathless gods that Odysseus managed this (Homer 24. 460-462).
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