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Connect Ancient Greek Warfar and War to the Odyssey (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Connect Ancient Greek war and warfare to the Odyssey. 
Please do not put all focus on Trojan War, it can be mentioned but not a major focal point.
This is not an essay this is analytical information. After this time and I approve the notes I will ask you to create a research paper using these notes.
Complete 30 notes a short paragraph in a word document from 3-5 different sources with paraphrased information -- to include the bibliography information with each note, including page numbers for books. 
You will need to include at least 4-5 sources in your Works Cited: minimum of 2 books and maximum of 3 approved websites. See below 
Approved links:
Ancient Greece: http://www(dot)ancientgreece(dot)com/s/Main_Page/ 
Trojan War: Mystery or History: http://archive(dot)archaeology(dot)org/0405/etc/troy.html
PBS video: Helen of Troy: http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=X4T3Itt8mgs
Discusses the possibility of Troy's existence 
Trojan War and War and Warfare - History Channel: http://www(dot)history(dot)com/topics/ancient-history/trojan-war 
Also examples from the Odyssey, citing the Odyssey for your with text from the Odyssey. 

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The ancient Greek War and the Odyssey War.
Gods and mythical creatures controlled the wars and lifestyle of ancient Greek. Ancient wars were between the control of mortals by these gods, the chosen mortals or the half godchildren. These gods sought to control the mortals and the mortals sought to turn the cause of history (Francis).
There were many wars fought by the ancient Greeks including the Trojan War. It took place during the Mycenaean period. However, there were many wars the Greek fought, those fought during the Mycenaean period no one knows the exact period it took place whereas those after have the dates when the wars started and when they ended. Among the great heroes of Greece during this period were Achilles and Odysseus. The causes of the Trojan War had begun before Achilles was born. He was to receive a lot of glory from the war but at the expense of a short life.
Odysseus was powerful, eloquent, wise, cunning, and resourceful. His aid and that of Achilles were to cause the downfall of Troy. He did not want to join the war against Troy because he had an infant son and he could only return home after ten years despite the war ending in ten years. He had no choice having used his cunningness to feign madness but Palamedes beat him to his own game. Odysseus with Menelaus, and Nestor recruited the young Achilles from the women quarters in the Island of Scyrus (Homer).
It is the Trojan war that later defines the life of Odysseus and the events that took place after the war. The war lasted for ten years and it is the same period of time that he took back home, a journey that could have taken him a few weeks. The return trip is because of many obstacles including the god Poseidon, mythical creatures and his lazy and greedy crewmembers.
To understand the long journey back to his island, first we need to know about the war, the Trojan War. It is because of Paris who took the wife of Menelaus that caused them to wage war against the prince of Troy hence the Trojan War. Helen of Sparta fell in love with Paris and later eloped with him when her husband had gone to mourn his grandfather in Crete and she left her daughter, Hermione, behind (Segal).
After her husband came back, he conspired to fight the prince of Troy with the aid of Helen’s suitors who had vowed to aid him whenever the need arose. Among these men was Odysseus. According to the seer, they could not win the war without the help of Achilles and Odysseus.
Agamemnon, the brother to Menelaus also came to his aid bringing with him a hundred ships and contingents of men. Other suitors also brought the same. He later became the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Greece (Johnson).
The war lasted for ten years because they first attacked the wrong island, Teuthrania. When they discovered they have attacked the wrong island they went back to Greece. However, as earlier mentioned the gods were in control of the war in this time. Agamemnon chose to sacrifice to all the gods except Artemis.As they were attacking Teuthrania, Achilles wounded her king, Telephus, a mortal wound that only he could heal by the same magic sword that wounded him. He, however, wounded and killed as many Greeks as he could. When they realized it was not troy, they set back to search for Troy but a violent storm sent them back to Greece.
Meanwhile Telephus followed them back to Greece because his wound would not heal. Taking the disguise of a beggar he took hostage Agamemnon’s infant son and threatened to kill him if Achilles would not heal him. Since Achilles did not know how to proceed in healing him, he agreed to help them navigate through the sea into Troy and also not to aid his father-in –law, King Priam of Troy in the coming war. The seer told Achilles how he could...
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