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Immigration in America. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


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1. Choose a topic that interests you, and about which you have a clear belief, or a strongly held point of view.
2. Write a persuasive essay that convinces the reader that you are right.
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b. You must include a bibliography which references at least 3 sources.
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d. Any quotations contained within the body of your essay will be included.


Immigration in America
Immigration has been a critical issue in the United States political agenda for years. It is essential to note that American is among the countries with the highest number of immigrants across the world; it is estimated that there are over forty million individuals in the United States who were born in other countries. The population of immigrants in the country is very diverse since almost every country in the world has its citizens in the United States. There has been a steady increase in the immigrant population in the United States, and it is estimated that non-natives account for about 13.6 percent of the country’s population. The natives Americans have contradicting perceptions about the increase of migrants in the country; ideally, there is a group of people who perceive migrants are individuals who create unnecessary competition in different areas such as in jobs and that they also unfairly acquire government benefits. On the other side, some people consider immigrants as essential in American society because they help in promoting a diverse community and promote innovation in various industries. This paper asserts that immigrants crucial for American society because they promote integration, provides cheap labor, they pay taxes and promote innovation.

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