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Migration and Immigration. Social Sciences. Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Please read the below instructions in it's entirety. It's very important to follow the instructions for an accurate and precise written term paper.
10 pages of written work not including the title page and reference pages.
Need a total of 2,500 words the least.
The paper needs to be about the United States and the crisis that it experience when it comes to migration and immigration.
Write the disagreements, and concerns, about who or what is responsible for the crisis and how best to solve it.
Choose 2 aspects of the United States policy in regards to immigration. YOU (THE WRITER) CAN CHOOSE THE 2 ASPECTS.
Discuss each aspect including the purpose of the policies.
Discuss the 2 aspects details.
Discuss how the aspects has been and currently is implemented.
Then, for each aspect policy discusss WHY you think it needs to be changed or abandoned for something else and the consequences of such change.
Make sure to detail your opionion.
Cite relevant information where appropriate.
Indicate what effects it might have and for whom.
Make sure to back up your claims with facts, arguments, sources, and citations.


Every year, thousands of people across the world land on American soil. Most have come in search of the elusive ‘American Dream’ or simply, the opportunities that have often been fabled in the country. Compared to their home countries where there is definitely a lower probability of securing any job or even prospering compared to the U.S., these individuals will always be ready for anything that the American experience throws at them. For the American systems however, this issue of immigration causes a serious challenge of its own. With each immigrant comes new logistical and planning challenges for the government. Migration and immigration have been constant issues in matters to do with planning, social order and even politics in the U.S.
Migration and Immigration
Esses (2018) defines migration as the general movement of individuals from one given location to another. This can take place either within the country or between countries. Immigration on the other hand entails the movement of individuals from one nation to the other. Both migration and immigration are either on permanent or temporary basis. It can however be either voluntary or involuntary based on the causes of the same. Migration and immigration can be caused by employment opportunities, sociopolitical strife, businesses, or even due to natural disasters. It is temporary if it entails workers moving from one location to another in order to work on a certain project, after which they will go back to their original homes.

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