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Impact of Unemployment on Human Services (Essay Sample)

Topic: THE UNEMPLOYED *Consequences of Joblessness *Unemployment Rates *Unemployment Insurance *Impact of Unemployment on Human Services For additional info please see attached files. source..

Impact of Unemployment on Human Services

Topic: The Unemployed in the Society
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Unemployment is a very important performance indicator of the economy in the United States. It defines the government’s policies and other decisions that are of national importance. In a labor sensitive economy like the United States, unemployment has been used as a campaign agenda by politicians seeking offices. This term paper sought to establish the consequences of unemployment on jobless people as the target group. It also sought to investigate patterns of unemployment rate in the United States in the recent years. In addition, it examined how unemployment insurance in the United States is organized and its role in compensating the unemployed. The term paper also sought to examine the impact of unemployment on the human services in the United States.
The target group was the unemployed in the society and was identified from a list of groups that were considered needy. The impact of unemployment on the target group was then analyzed with respect to consequences of job losses, employment rates and unemployment insurance. The study found that unemployment had far reaching implications on provision of human services and could be linked to increased crime rates, domestic violence, children with special needs and increased substance abuse.

Unemployment is a key indicator of the economic health of a country. It is a dominant factor when determining the strength of an economy. An economy that is fully efficient is more likely to employ everyone at some stage in an ideal situation (Burger, 2009). However, in a practical situation a country’s economy will almost never achieve peak efficiency. As a result, unemployment will always exist. However this is not to say that unemployment cannot be managed. Unemployment drains a country’s resources due to decreased productivity. Therefore, it is a powerful parameter that determines the government’s policy and personal decisions. Naturally, the government closely monitors unemployment whose impact can be felt all over the sectors of the economy. In the health sector for instance, unemployment has led to an increase in the number people seeking medical services for stress related ailments and those joining rehabilitation centers. Unemployment has also led to decreased revenue for the government because it reduces the number of people in the tax bracket. Unemployment is not only useful when showing the level of efficiency at which an economy is operating at but also as a campaign agenda for politicians. Usually, high unemployment rates correlates with loss of elections. According to the Federal Reserve, unemployment rate below a given threshold known as the natural rate of unemployment results to inflation.
Consequences of Joblessness
Unemployment can be defined as a situation where the persons who are able to...
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