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BHS414 Module 1 SLP (Essay Sample)

Upon entry into the health education field, you will be expected to be able to apply health behavior theory toward the development of culturally relevant health education programs. Indeed, this is evidenced by the fact that the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam now places strong emphasis upon application of theoretical and conceptual models (refer to CHES Responsibility Area III-Competency C, Subcompetencies 2 and 4); that is, the programs that health educators develop must be firmly rooted in the theory of the field. That being said, the intent of this session long project (SLP) is to provide an opportunity for you to apply a culture-centered framework for understanding health behavior toward the development of a health education program rooted in the cultural experience of a selected target group. To this end, you will be introduced to the PEN-3 Model (Airhihenbuwa, 1995; Airhihenbuwa & Webster, 2004), a framework for developing culturally appropriate health education and disease prevention programs, and you will be asked to apply the model to the conceptualization of a hypothetical health education program targeting your chosen cultural group. THE PEN-3 Model The PEN-3 Model is a conceptual framework for planning and developing culturally appropriate health education and disease prevention programs (Airhihenbuwa, 1995; Airhihenbuwa & Webster, 2004). The model consists of three domains: Cultural Identity, Relationships and Expectations, and Cultural Empowerment. Click here for a discussion of the PEN-3 Model, including a detailed explanation of each of these domains and the manner in which the model itself is applied in practice. You will need to ensure that you review this information thoroughly before proceeding with your SLP. SLP - Overall Expectations and Outcome The SLP will demonstrate the culmination of your understanding and your ability to: - Choose a target cultural group - Identify a health problem affecting this group - Characterize the broader social cultural context in which behaviors contributing to this health problem occur - Discuss how culture can be leveraged toward empowerment of your target group - Discuss the implications of cultural identity in determining the most appropriate intervention "point of entry" - Identify, analyze, and synthesize scholarly materials to inform your application of the PEN-3 Model to the development of your health education program Please use http://library(dot)tuiu(dot)edu to conduct your research for the SLP assignments that follow. Your Task for Module 1 For Module 1, read the aforementioned summary of the PEN-3 Model and, after doing so, address the following in a two-page paper: - Identify a specific cultural group (preferably one with which you are not already familiar and that has health beliefs contrary to your own) and a health problem that disproportionately affects this group NOTE: For the purposes of this exercise, culture is being defined as "the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion, notions of time, roles, spatial relations, concepts of the universe, and material objects and possessions acquired by a group of people in the course of generations through individual and group striving (Samovar and Porter, 1994). - Use the scholarly literature to characterize the scope and implications of this health problem SLP Assignment Expectations: Read the paper summarizing the PEN-3 Model, and consult the scholarly literature to identify your target cultural group and the health problem disproportionately affecting the group. After doing so, write a essay that specifically addresses the bullets that appear on this page under "Your Task for Module 1." source..
Assessing culturally relevant health problems that affect black Americans using THE PEN-3 ModelHIV/AIDS has been one of the causes of death for all groups in US. The prevalence of HIV/AIDS is proportionately higher among Black Americans. The purpose of this study is to assess HIV/AIDS knowledge, management of the epidemic and to promote prevention and management using Airihenbuwa`s PEN-3 model. The PEN-3 Model is a theoretical framework used to plan and develop culturally appropriate health education and disease prevention programs (Blumstein, 2005).
HIV/AIDS has continued to place a huge disease burden on Black Americans. HIV/AIDS persist in the context that include conditions favoring drug abuse, irresponsible sexual behavior, and the stigma associated with certain identities and behaviors that define the identity of many young African-Americans who are the focus of many HIV/AIDS interventions.
As a cultural and racial group, Black Americans comprises of about 13% of the US population. A survey carried out by the National AIDS strategy shows that Black Americans are hardly hit by the HIV/AIDS infections among women, men, drug abusers, and infants. The social and cognitive theories of HIV/AIDS are mainly concentrated on the individual level predictors of the disease risk with little or no consideration of the effects if socio-cultural context and social inequality in sexual behavior. Among the Black Americans, sexual relationships have been related to poverty and racism (Blumstein, 2005).
It has been documented that Black Americans, particularly gay men, have continued to be over represente...
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