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Literacy is Power (Essay Sample)

hey can i have someone who specialises in academic writing do this as it is for an academic reading and writing subject and must be writen in a very academic format. Also i have attached 2 files please ignore first one and look at second one. Can i have the essay before the deadline incase anything needs revision , or anything needs fixing once i get the turnitin report 6 hours before deadline would be great if you cant then its fine. please make sure all sources used are academic scolar sources, and everything is intexted in apa , and a reference list follow the criteria please thankyou source..
Literacy is Power
Approximately Word Count: 1475
Literacy is Power
Literacy is power as the adage goes, illustrates how an individual is able to perform various tasks when communicating through reading and writing. In the words of a Greek Philosopher, Aristippus, “Native ability without education is like a tree without fruit (Bush & Walesh, 2008 p.152).” The words echo fond memories of why we ought to gain knowledge so as to be effective people in the society. According to the Online Dictionary, literacy is defined as the ability to read and write with antonyms illiteracy referred to as the inability to read (Oxford, 2011b). On the other hand, power is defined as the ability to act, regarded as latent or inherent as well as the faculty of doing or performing something (Oxford, 2011b).
It is therefore imperative to state that when one is able to read and write, he has the power conferred upon him to adventure into more profitable initiatives. One cannot claim to have power in the world if he or she is unable to read and write. Why is it important to be literate? This is one of the questions that most traditional men in ancient times sought to know when the Colonial powers ventured some parts of the world (Bowman et al 1997). It is true, that those who have the ability to read and write are able to limit the rate of poverty and as a result, uplift the country’s economy. A teacher’s dedication will impact the learner ability to read individually and ensure his progress in reading. We can as well assert that literacy is obvious in the present generation with the signs, training manuals in buses as well as in books calling to mind the subject matter. The following analysis is an analytical view on literacy is power.
Literate people have the ability to explore new horizons as well as using the power to read and write to uplift their state in life. The first point that is of great significance as far as the subject matter is concerned is that it has an impact on the ability for an individual to participate in the society as well as understand the public issues that are of importance (Blackledge, 2000). A person who is literate has the power to explore new horizons. On the other hand, when a person is illiterate, he or she cannot enjoy the chances and privileges presented by ones’ right. For instance, they are not able to participate effectively on national discussions on matters regarding the country. The people who are literate can undertake any responsibility that requires ones courage by having the power to speak. This enables them to courageously yearn for opportunities where they can grow (McCarty, 2005). Towards this end, an illiterate person will not be engaged in giving their opinions in social gathering and so he can be limited in sharing ideas. He will be viewed as having no or limited experience in his thoughts and arguments. <...
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