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How Different Gender Roles Affect Communication (Essay Sample)


Topic essays should be typed, no larger or smaller than 12 point font, and have one-inch margins. Topic essays are to be a synthesis of the articles read for each topic. Essential to the completion of a topic essay is that you actually READ the articles before you begin to summarize and synthesize them. The topic essay should consist of the following:
1. An introductory paragraph in which you state your chosen topic by giving an overt statement of some point of focus that you believe unites the essays in the topic area.
2. A paragraph for each reading in which you summarize the reading and indicate how this reading adheres to the focus you have selected for this topic. Give AT LEAST one quote from each reading to support how this article adheres to your focus statement.
3. A conclusion paragraph in which you overtly state what these articles have in common and how together they make up the topic that you have chosen. You should find, by this point, that the topics are related through your focus statement.
4. As I read these topic essays, I must be convinced of at least three things: First, that you have actually read the articles. Second, that you have thought about the articles and their content. Third, that you have proofread your essay before handing it in.


Topic Essay


Institutional Affiliation

Topic Essay

The five articles are written by five different individuals explore the topic of language and gender. The articles focus on the effects of culture, environment and social roles that impact the communication channel of women in relation to their male counterparts. The studies also focus on how the different gender roles affect communication in relation to their upbringing, places of work and daily experiences. A distinct discussion will be given to addressing the social bias that underlies the notion that women are lesser objective in their communication as compared to the men.

Janet Holmes article begins by acknowledging that there are different myths about women

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