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Paraphrase 34 (Essay Sample)

hello my friend he couldn't do his work which is listing to lecture and write what did he learn from this lecture. he should write from 200 to 300 words. so he wants you please to read comments that some student wrote and tray to write a comment for the file file there are 9 comment from 9 students also he do not need any out sources reference *** Really Very important ( please be sure to read all the 9 comments ) source..
Ross Fowler’s lecture was very inspiring and informative. His concepts of leadership journey and company organization are very interesting and motivating. In his lecture, he was able to emphasize the importance of understanding leadership in relation to handling people in an organization more effectively. He tried to let the audiences realize the significance of the little things that most of the people do not usually appreciate. His articulation of life’s greater meaning through understanding the whole process—the ups and downs, the small and the big ones—was truly inspiring.
In the lecture, the idea of leadership was given a deeper meaning. What I learn the most in his lecture is the aspect of evaluating all components of leadership for everything about it is all important. In organizing people in a company, it is important for a leader to have the attitude that can convince and motivate others in doing what they need to do. Leadership is not about being at the top. It is about being able to become the core; that is, the foundation and strength of ...
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