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Effective Prosthodontic Treatment (Essay Sample)

the paper needs to be paraphrased. please try to include all the information that the paper contain.. thanks When planning a prosthodontic treatment for a geriatric patient, the dentist must consider the restorability and function of each tooth when determining treatment options. Longevity of treatment should be considered, because many elderly people are living longer with more active lifestyles and they appreciate the functional and esthetic aspects of a restored dentition. Many factors aid in determining treatment due to the potential dental or oral changes, such as drifting, tipping and super-eruption of teeth and hygiene difficulties. Every effort should be made to save any salvageable teeth in the older patient. Periodontal treatment and multiple splinting should be considered in lieu of extraction. Saving particular teeth, such as canines and distal abutments, to avoid distal extensions will be most effective in preserving function. Patient motivation is very important in prosthodontic treatment planning. The patient must recognize their need for dental rehabilitation, accept a proposed treatment, and learn to tolerate their appliance. The dentist also must conform to the needs and desires of each patient, since oral rehabilitation is a team effort. Good oral hygiene, diet and plaque control play a big part of the success of any prosthodontic treatment plan. Ease of cleaning the prosthetic appliance and remaining teeth is an ideal goal for the dentist to obtain for the patient. However, the patient has the obligation of keeping the partials - and its supporting abutments – clean and properly maintained, including seeing the dentist promptly for adjustments and concerns. For patients who have been without natural teeth for many years, this can be considerably difficult, and may be exacerbated by failing sight, impaired manual dexterity, or simply a loss of interest in attending to the demands of personal hygiene. It is therefore of the utmost importance that these potential problems are discussed with the patient and their family and caregivers, as well as being reinforced at each appointment. source..
Effective Prosthodontic Treatment
Any dentists intending to carry out a prosthodontic treatment needs to put a number of factors into consideration, among them, the restorability and function of the tooth and the longevity of treatment. The later is very vital as many elderly people have an increased lifespan and intend to live active and fulfilling lives in their latter years. Prior to the treatment procedure, a dentist needs to consider possible oral changes for instance, drifting and any difficulties in maintaining desirable dental hygiene. This problem is common with patients never had their natural teeth. It however gets worse for the elderly due to impaired eyesight and the loss of interest in personal hygiene. The dentists shoul...
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