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Discuss How The Novel The Great Gatsby, Examine Complex Ideas About Identity, Others And The World (Essay Sample)


the essay need five paragraph topic, three body and a conclusion. the thesis from the begining is very important, also the essay will be better if write as the roal in the story.


The Great Gatsby, the Complex Ideas About Identity, Others And The World
The Great Gatsby, the complex ideas about identity, others and the world
Scott Fitzgerald is one of the prominent American writers known for using his books to show the true reflection of American society. Scott Fitzgerald's story, "The Great Gatsby," presents the reality of the American upper class during the twentieth century. He presents a monologue of the third person perspective to describe the atmosphere during this period. Throughout the story, the author presents distorted relationships and different events to show how identity is formed. Using two major characters Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway's narration to present two different types of wealth. Although the characters are of the upper class, the different background, and other elements shape their identities. In The Great Gatsby, the characters are struggling to find their true identity.
The Great Gatsby is told in a monologue using a third person perspective narrated by Nick Carraway, who presents his observation of character and describes how their identity influences their behavior. Nick Carraway

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