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Albert Einstein Quote: The Methods Of Communication (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on Albert Einstein Quote


Albert Einstein Quote
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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”. – Albert Einstein
Humanity refers to the human race and the manner in which human beings relate with one another in their daily activities. The relation is best facilitated by communication. In addition, the current advancements in technology have already changed the manner in which people interact. The methods of communication have changed a lot from the traditional methods to faster ways such as phone calls. Therefore, the question lies on the validity of Albert Einstein technology quote as to whether technology is taking over the world.
Social media
One of the ways through which the technology is changing people is through the issue of social media platforms. This has changed the culture of making a few and trusted friends in real life and turned people into believing in the virtual world. This is most common among the younger generation because they understand more how the social networks as compared to the older generations. It is possible to find a situation whereby a teenager is always on the phone chatting with friends that they do not know and would probably never meet in life. Hence, as Einstein quote technology, this i

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