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Environmental Stewardship And Sustainability Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


1.what strategies can we use to reduce the impact of computers and technology on our environment
2.what global projects and local projects exist already to help with these problems


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Curbing Environmental Challenges
Computers and technology have been regarded as the most innovative happening of today. Automation and fast processing have been essential advantages of computers and technology. Despite the fact that they present beautiful advantages to the environment they exist in, they also cause imminent danger. Dangers like cybercrime, pollution, and espionage are among the available examples. As such, it is herein determined which strategies that will best reduce the environmental hazard from computers and technology.
The major strategies in curbing environmental dangers include; avoiding wasting paper, responsible dumping of old equipment, avoid wasting of electricity, and heightened cyber intelligence (Simanovska, 34). Paper waste is a significant cause of pollution that can be easily avoided. It is advised that one should print when it is most necessary, otherwise using a softcopy version is safer and more environmental friendly. Furthermore, equipment should be dumped in the best way possible. Computers contain lead which is hazardous to the environment. It is recommended that old computers be recycled or even be stored in an easy collection point rather than dump them in a landfill.
Moreover, electricity is a resource that should be saved as its production sometimes might be challenged by lack of enough water in reservoirs. In other words, natural resources should be used sparingly with a futuristic goal of sustainability (Carter, 18). Therefore, electricity consuming devices should always be turned off when not in use. In cases of underage use of computers and technology to access explicit or illegal content should be monitored through features such as child control. Wha

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