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Article and Questions: The Millennials and Gen Z, IT and Technology (Essay Sample)


Read the article and answers questions accordingly. I am a millennial.
You can find the article at this link -
Please answer the following questions in paragraph form, not bullet points, and in APA format:
1) Are you a millennial or Gen Z? Do you think this article is an accurate depiction of you and/or your generation? Why or why not?
2) What are the implications of this information? How will it impact your job search or the likelihood that you will stay in one job over another?


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I am a Millennial and Strauss's article accurately captures most of the attributes common among all individuals in this group. For instance, in terms of technology, Strauss points out that both the Millennials and Gen Z respondents were more interested in IT and technology. This observation is archetypical, given that technology has become commonplace in the modern society. In the present day, we have seen enormous contributions of technology in the success of business organizations. Technology has made communication and other business processes to be seamless and the more companies embrace technology, the more likely they are to succeed in the market. Strauss also talks about ho

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