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Listening Report: Why Are There Still So Many Jobs? (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


First,please watch the following video on TED,and secondly Write a 150- 200-word summary of the lecture, and a 200-250-word commentary.I am a ESL student please use grammar and vocabulary general.Please must follow my teacher's require.
website : https://www(dot)ted(dot)com/talks/david_autor_why_are_there_still_so_many_jobs
double space and use times new roman size 12


Why Are There Still So Many Jobs?
Why Are There Still So Many Jobs?
David Autor starts his talk by narrating historical inventions that were thought to replace human labor and how those predictions were wrong. He uses the concept of O-ring, that he uses figuratively to show that there is room for humans in a technology dominated society where they may seem unimportant, but the machines cannot do without them. He describes how the technology has enabled the world to be more productive and support its growing population. Additionally, he points out that most jobs that people work on today were not there few decades and centuries ago and they have been made possible by technology. Autor also points out that some of the jobs we are afraid of losing are probably not as good as we think of them. He uses the analogy of several countries and how their wealth has translated into varying degrees of happiness amongst its people; Norway, US and Saudi Arabia. He points out that as a society we should focus on

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