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Impact Of Technology, Development & Globalization In The Last Century (Essay Sample)


Impact of Technology, Development, and Globalization in the Last Century


Impact of Technology, Development, and Globalization in the Last Century
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Impact of Technology, Development, and Globalization in the Last Century
Over the years, there has been a steady increase in the use of technology in our everyday life. It has been witnessed in various areas of life, such as medicine, education, business, and social life. More inventions and innovations are being witnessed every day. Technology makes life more comfortable and manageable since it has alleviated the need for manual labor and enhanced knowledge on various disciplines. It has also encouraged social interactions and strengthened social connections such as family. In this way, it has led to developments in both the developed and developing countries, grasping a huge power in determining how business is conducted in the modern markets.
Technology has various social impacts such as boosting social interactions (Bojanic, 2011). Multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow people from different places, near or far, to interact without meeting physically. In particular, it has improved the dating arena, with the emergence of online dating sites (Targowski, 2008). Technology has changed the entertainment industry immensely. With the advancements from cable TVs to satellite TVs, the introduction of movie streaming services such as Netflix and invention of technologies such as 3D and 7D in the movie sector. Additionally, sharing of content such as music is easier such as via YouTube, as compared to the traditional methods such as CDs and cassettes.
Today, people do not have to attend a class at the learning institution. There are many educational institutions which offer online undergraduate and post-graduate courses, which are accessible by students regardless of their geographical location. This has led to the emergence of part-time studies, where someone can study and work at the same time. School going children are provided with computers at school, where they can access learning material and knowing how to use these machines can benefit them in the future (Targowski, 2008).
In the healthcare industry, there have been numerous technological advancements to help in solving emerging medical problems. For instance, there are hospital machines that can carry out kidney dialyzes, monitor the functioning of body organs during surgeries and even perform scans, which have been known to save lives due to their ability to provide accurate results as compared to traditional methods. Use of such technology devises has reduced the number of death

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