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Educational Achievements and Social and Racial Groups (Essay Sample)



Module 1 - SLP


Academic Writing



Note: Module 1 SLP should be completed before the Module 1 Case.


Prepare an outline for the essay assigned for the Module 1 Case using the Formal Essay Outline.


No secondary sources are to be used in the process of writing this first paper; it is to be entirely written based on one's point of view and supported with body points and details.


SLP Assignment Expectations


Create a detailed formal outline for the essay assigned as the Module 1 Case.

Formal Essay Outline
NameDateEnglish 102 Academic Writing Case 1Student Learning and Achievement
* Introduction
Introductory Paragraph
A.Disparities in educational achievements between social and racial groups still exist despite the good instructions and teaching that improve education.
B.It is because social backgrounds make educational achievement in the Kindergarten for some leaners difficult, which in turn influences their future performance. Some of the factors making educational achievement for the disadvantaged include family activities, demographic characteristics, and the quality of schools. Critical to the discussion is the fact that intellectual ability is not the only reason for great academic achievements. It is because factors such as dedication, time management, and family influence play a vital role in educational achievement.
C.This paper focuses on the impact of parents' full-time jobs, family structure, time management, and dedication on student education achievement.
* Body
First Body Paragraph (Full-time Job)
A.Parents with full-time jobs can influence their children academic achievements positively, but the same parents can limit children's progress in the early years of education.
B.Parents with full time jobs are likely to ensure that their children join quality schools when resources are available.
C.It follows that parents with low incomes find it difficult to bring up children. It is because parents with low incomes may cut educational expenses for their children without considering whether the cut influences their children's education negatively.
D.It is evident that as the parents' income increase they is likelihood that they get better information from schools about their children's progress. This is positively related to a student's progress since the parents' expectations are more realistic.

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