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What are the Building Blocks of a Research model and How to Build a Research Model (organizational Justice) (Essay Sample)

Please see attachment for details- on Paper 1 Please find the attached document for the assignment on oder#00011876 Paper 1 Question and the Reading Materials which was poorly completed at first time, and I received a grade of C, which mean in ph.D level is a fail. This assignment is due back on the 11/25/10 thursday. If you have need for further clarance please send me email. Please these are the Professors comment on the previous poorly written paper:- In his own words, I quote,You have distracted yourself from the main focuse of the assignment by devoting too much of your paper to the eight "building blocks" that you identified. I am not familiar with Biblochs (1998), but I think this book and the "California media and library educators press" publications may have taken you away from from appropriately answering the questions posed in the case assignment. Your discussion of the importance of the research models is very superficial and does not rely on the required readings. In fact, no in-text citations are provided to support your statements, Similarly, your criticisms are very general and do not relate to the assignment. You were to find 3 or 4 models, preferably in your own area of research-Organizational Justice, and indicate what the constructs were in those models and identify independent variables, etc. On page 9 there is some discussion of gender and the purchase of reggae or rock compact discs, but you have not cited any study, so I can not follow what you are talking about. Overall, your paper dos not meet the expectations of this assignment. Please abide strickly to the professors observations and comment, this is the only last chance for me on this paper.. Yours Thanks source..

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For any type of a model there must be building components that attribute to it thus the need for analysis and identification. Research being also a model type is not an exceptional and hence embraces the building blocks. This is because researches varies from scientific, social and biological fields but still adhere to some common procedures and steps when establishing one
The term research simply refers to the work of inquiring into something thoroughly and systematically to establish facts. On the other hand a model is a representation of a system that allows for investigation of the properties of the system and, in some cases, prediction of future outcomes. They are applied in quantitative and technical research. For a particular research to be complete there are certain procedures or steps that are involved. These steps are also referred to as building blocks and they include:
Examining, selecting, comprehending, assessing
Recording, sorting organizing, interpreting
Communicating, synthesizing
There are two major types of research models. These are known as: Quantitative, This model is also known as experimental, traditional or positivist. Qualitative, this model is also known as naturalistic, post positivist and interpretive. Research models are usually used to describe the overall framework of the research. The models also enable a researcher to look at the reality of what he or she is studying based on a particular philosophy or philosophical stance. Also research models identify basic concepts of the research and help the researcher to establish what the reality is and under what conditions it can be studied. The main reasons why a researcher would choose to use a particular model would include: The experience and training acquired by that researcher: one type of research might require the researcher to have statistical and technical writing skills and others might require the researcher to have literary writing skills, the nature of the problem or subject that is to be researched: the subject might have previously been studied by another researcher and hence there is available data or the subject might require an exploratory research. The particular audience for whom the research is being done: there are some audiences that are more comfortable with quantitative studies and data while others are more co...
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