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My Personal Model of Leadership - The Third Level (Essay Sample)

In approximately 250 words, create a draft of the third level (clear approach for creating meaning and purpose) of your personal model of leadership. Identifying a clear approach for creating a sense of meaning and purpose, including contributing to society. Use "Creating a Personal Model of Leadership" to guide you. source..

My Personal Model of Leadership
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Personal leadership is one of the three levels of leadership. It is considered as the most important level in the leadership model. It helps people to build their skills and develop their morals. Moreover, it enables them to develop mentally so that they can be able to lead themselves and others appropriately (Bonnici, 2011).
According to Scouller, for people to become successful in the level of personal leadership, they should consider doing three basic things (2011). To begin with, they should improve their knowledge and skills. Secondly, they should develop an appropriate attitude when they deal with others. Moreover, they should know their strengths and their weaknesses. I will focus on improving each of these elements.
Personally, I will start by writing down my goals and develop a plan of how I will meet these goals. In order to be effective, I will need to improve my time management skills. I plan to find books on this subject and attend conferences that will help me to become a good time manager so that I can meet my goals within the times that I schedule them. I also plan to take lessons on group dynamics and psychology so that I can improve those skills. I believe that it will enable me to develop a positive attitude when I relate with other people.
Bonnici, C. A. (2011). Creating a successful leadership style: Principles of personal strategic
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